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Classic Car - What does yours say about you?

What Does Your Classic Car Say About You?

Here at Hogleaze Storage, we store a variety of classic cars. We’ve seen a huge range of beautiful classics trusted into our care, each with its own distinct character. The variety of cars we see got us thinking about what we associate with each car, including different makes and models. Just like people say a dog can look like its owner, we think a classic car can often say something about its owner too. So here are our thoughts about what your classic car might say about you—all in good fun, of course!

The Aston Martin Owner

If there’s one thing people, even those not familiar with classic cars, can associate with an Aston, it’s James Bond. Bond has been driving Aston Martins in the movies since the ’60s, or even longer if you take the books into consideration too. No Time to Die, released in 2021, featured a whopping four different models from different eras.

While not everyone wants to be associated with the womaniser spy, plenty of Aston Martin owners and drivers have to be happy with the connection. They get to be thought of as suave, smart, and maybe even devilishly handsome too. 

Of course, this is very male-focused but the car is not exclusive to men. For women, this car says they enjoy a bit of luxury, but they don’t feel the need for their lavish ride to grab people’s attention. 


Classic VW Beetles are still popular with a certain type of classic car enthusiast. But what do they say about those who own them? For a lot of people, they’re the quintessential cute car, with their rounded profiles that can almost be seen as friendly. There’s a reason one was brought to life in the Herbie movies. The strong personality of the Beetle might suggest that owners typically have something of a strong personality too—especially those who can’t just stop at one!

Of course, there are other classic Volkswagen cars that are popular with enthusiasts. The Passat celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and the elegant Italian style of the Karmann Ghia Type 14 is over 65 years old too. Each of these can say something different about the owner.

Alfa Romeo

According to one Alfa Romeo Brera owner, owning their car “expresses a wish to drive a unique vehicle that shows me to be very conscious of style and performance”. Although we could say that’s at the heart of why anyone owns or drives a classic car, it’s not surprising that an owner of this sporty number would say that. The Brera may be only about 20 years old, but even as far back as the 1950s, it’s obvious that Alfa Romeo cars often exude style. Whether that translates into stylish owners isn’t up to us to say, but a lot of classic car owners do like to style themselves after their cars.


The classic Mini Cooper may be small in stature, but it’s still a familiar sight on the roads. When there are no classics to be seen, you don’t have to look far to spot one of the newer models. So what do we think when we see someone with a true classic? These little runarounds are quirky, fun, and oozing personality. We’ve seen everyone from Mr Bean to Austin Powers drive one, and there’s no doubt that they’re always memorable. And on the subject of Austin Powers, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see someone decked out in 1960s style step out of a classic Mini Cooper. Whether you’re a suited and booted mod or more of a rocker, this is definitely a car to drive in style.

American Classics

There’s a lot to love about classic British and European car designs. But some people can’t help but lean more towards the classics from across the pond. They might be a little rarer to see out on the road, so it can be a delight to see them, for classic car enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Many of the classic American cars favoured are 1950s models, and it’s not uncommon to see that the owners don’t stop at the Americana with their cars. From pinup looks to greasers, it’s easy to picture someone from the cast of Grease behind the wheel of any classic American car. These owners are probably a fan of turning up at vintage fairs and events too, and why not if it’s a chance to show off your great taste?

Looking after your classic car

Whatever your preference is, when it comes to classic cars, and whatever it says about you, keeping your car safe is what’s important. Hogleaze Storage provides classic car storage in Dorchester to keep your baby safe at all times, giving you complete peace of mind with top security features.

Our new classic car facility benefits from generous-sized vehicle plots in fully enclosed, alarmed buildings that require a key-fob entry. The key fob allows access to your car at any time, meaning you aren’t restricted to taking your car out or maintaining your car during office hours.

The facility is also surrounded by security cameras with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) at the gate, so only recognised cars will be able to enter the facility.

These plots get snapped up quickly so if you’re interested in storing your classic car with us, then give us a call on 01305 889777 or email us at

Excellent Security and Beautiful Views

I very much appreciate the security (and, by the way, the beautiful

scenery) surrounding Hogleaze.

Claire Gross Dorchester Self Storage
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Hogleaze provides excellent facilities and service

We are emailing you to inform you that we have sold our motorhome and will no longer require the pitch. Should we buy another van, we will of course come back if you have availability.

You provide excellent facilities and service.

Ken and Cordie Tett Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
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Really impressed with the service & customer-focused attention

I was really impressed with the service and customer-focused attention I received dealing with you both. Prompt replies to my enquiries and professional standards throughout mean that my first thoughts on needing storage will be towards Hogleaze. Also, as I mentioned when meeting you, my work involves motor homes, camper vans and the occasional ‘shed’ and I have and will continue to recommend you. I took several of your cards for this purpose!

Unfortunately, our house move failed as the buyers pulled out on Christmas Eve (nice) so I’ve put my MX5 back in our double garage but I was happy knowing it was safe and snug at yours!

Guy Henville Dorchester Self Storage
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Fantastic value, easy and secure.

Fantastic value, easy and secure. Would not hesitate to use again if needed.

Alex Davies Weymouth Self Storage
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Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years…

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years I have seen great improvements made to the facilities. It is a really good storage area offering very secure facilities for whatever your storage needs.
Jan Hankin Dorchester Self Storage
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My second time of using Hogleaze for storage.

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage. Friendly, accommodating and efficient. Easy access and secure. Everything you need. Thank you.

Richard Allen Dorchester Self Storage
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Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. 

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. Clean, bright and modern storage with easy access at any time. Trolleys provided for moving your items. Very reasonable costs.
Bronwen James Dorchester Self Storage
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Found the facility to be safe and secure

I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.
Peter Lewis Dorchester Self Storage
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Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Having never used self storage before your help was much appreciated. I would certainly use your facility again when there is a need. I would also recommend your company to others.

Bob Malone Dorchester Self Storage
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Excellent facilities.

Excellent facilities. Gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Peter Bachrach Dorchester Self Storage
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Very secure.

We used Hogleaze Storage for nearly 1 year excellent faculties and all storage units very secure and high standard. Staff always friendly and happy to help. Would highly recommend them!

Claire Beaumont Self Storage
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Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage.

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage. Really good rates, clean and light building with easy access. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks Hogleaze Storage!

‎Rob Hodgkinson‎ Self Storage
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I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have.

It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the Caravan in to secure storage. I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have. I received your welcome letter yesterday and have set up the standing order for the 1st July and then to continue at the begin of each month thereafter.

Thank you once again.

Kirston Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
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I would recommend Hogleaze Storage to anyone thinking of storing their possessions

It has been a most enjoyable experience entrusting Hogleaze Storage Ltd with my furniture, household and personal possessions, since August 2012.

It was good to meet Shelley, her helpful and friendly demeanor, nothing was too much – she even brought along bolt cutters in case I could not open the padlock on the shutter doors. She was happy to show Gentleman Removals and myself the way.

The service has been excellent throughout the seven years, with up-to-date monthly invoices and security information – thoughtful and caring – all my possessions including the ones I did not know I had stored in the unit, were intact and working.

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage Ltd to anyone thinking of storing their household, office and personal possessions, whether short or long-term. The location is worth a visit on its own, the site is safe and secure, clean and accessible 24/7.

Simon Dorchester Self Storage
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The storage facilities are amazing!

Mr Evans caravan Vehicle Storage
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Using Hogleaze again

We are very pleased with the service and will be using Hogleaze again at some point!

Mr Stein Self Storage
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I have been delighted with the facilities provided and I’m sure I’ll be using Hogleaze again!

Mr Walsh Self Storage
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Excellent storage facilities

Hogleaze has excellent storage facilities which are also impressive both from a security and cleanliness point of view

Ms Maskall caravan Vehicle Storage
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A great experience

I have had a great experience with Hogleaze’s storage services and would recommend to anyone

Mr Huxford Self Storage
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A pleasure

It’s been a pleasure using your great facilities

Mr Beaumont Self Storage
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Recommended secure storage

I would recommend you to any people looking for secure strorage

Mr Graff Self Storage
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Thank you

I would like to thank you for the good service we have received whilst storing our caravan with you

Mr Bosley caravan Vehicle Storage
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Enjoyed the services

We have enjoyed the services at your storage facility and will hopefully be returning to you again in the future

Mr and Mrs Marsden Self Storage
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