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What to Expect When Using Long-Term Car Storage in Dorset

Owning a classic car is not just a hobby; it’s a passion. Protecting your prized vehicle from the elements and ensuring it remains in pristine condition is essential, especially when it requires storage for extended periods. Opting for long-term classic car storage at a trusted facility like ours at Hogleaze Storage in Dorset offers peace of mind alongside superior service tailored to preserve the integrity of your classic car.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

When you’re searching for ‘car storage near me’, your primary concern should be the security of and accessibility to your vehicle. Here’s what you can expect when using our services at Hogleaze Storage, a premier choice for long-term car storage in Dorset:

  • Security and Accessibility:
    • Our facility provides a safe and secure environment with 24/7 security measures in place.
    • Easy accessibility ensures that you can visit your car at any time, which is ideal for long-term commitments and peace of mind.
  • Customer Service:
    • With customer testimonials backing our services, we, at Hogleaze, highlight a strong inclination towards professional standards and customer-focused attention.
    • Rapid responses to inquiries and an enthusiastic recommendation rate make our facility a noteworthy option for storing classic cars.
  • Year-Round Car Storage:
    • We offer storage on a long-term basis, having the option for year-round storage means your vehicle is protected from weather-related deterioration. This is particularly beneficial for classic cars that are sensitive to environmental conditions.

Maintenance and Check-Ups

While your classic car sits safely in our storage, maintaining its condition is crucial. Here are a few tips that might be helpful:

  • Clean, polish & wax before storing
  • Open windows slightly to allow air to circulate
  • Plug in a Trickle charger 
  • Regular Maintenance:
    • Even while in storage, your car should be maintained regularly. Ensuring that oils and fluids are at their optimum levels can prevent mechanical issues when you take your car back on the road.
  • Protective Measures:
    • Consider protective covers and other preventive measures against dust and moisture.
  • Flexible Access:
    • Easy access to your vehicle is provided, allowing for regular checks and any necessary interventions without hassle. This flexibility is vital for classic car owners who are particularly attentive to their vehicle’s needs.

Client Experiences and Expectations

With testimonials like these from satisfied customers, you can set your expectations high:

  • Clients are particularly impressed with the diligence and customer service provided, noting that the staff at Hogleaze are attentive and responsive.
  • Our facility has earned trust through professional handling and secure storage solutions, making it a recommended choice for those concerned with both short-term and long-term car storage needs.

For classic car enthusiasts, choosing the right storage solution is as important as any other aspect of vehicle maintenance. In Dorset, Hogleaze Storage stands out as a reliable facility offering everything a classic car owner could need from year-round car storage solutions. Your passion for classic cars deserves nothing less than the excellent, professional care provided at Hogleaze Storage.

Whether preparing for a winter layover or planning a longer hiatus from driving, entrusting your classic vehicle to us ensures it remains in prime condition, ready for the roads whenever you are.

The 10 Best Motorhome Storage Hacks

As the weather starts to warm up and your thoughts turn to road trips and adventures, preparing your motorhome or caravan for the journey can feel like a daunting task. There’s no need to worry though, we at Hogleaze Storage share our top 10 motorhome storage hacks. These creative and effective campervan storage ideas will help you make the most of your space, ensuring your possessions and food items are safely and tidily stored during your trip.

1. Utilise Magnetic Strips

The kitchen area often presents a storage problem in motorhomes. Installing a magnetic strip on a wall or under a cabinet is a particularly clever solution. Attach your metal kitchen utensils, like knives or spatulas, directly to the strip, clearing valuable counter space while keeping them easily accessible.

2. Velcro is Your Friend

Velcro strips can bring an unbelievable change to your storage design. They can be stuck on the walls or sides of furnishings and used to hold a surprising amount of commonly used items – external storage caddies, tablet devices, or remote controls. This ensures items are always within reach, yet out of the way.

3. Embrace Collapsible Cookware

Collapsible cookware is a godsend in the limited kitchen environment of a motorhome. Items such as bowls, colanders, and even kettles come in foldable varieties. These can be flattened out after use, taking up a fraction of their original space in your cupboards.

4. Go Vertical with Hanging Storage

The ceiling represents an often-untapped storage resource in your motorhome. Lightweight items can be kept out of the way yet still easily accessible with the help of hanging storage nets or baskets.

5. Think Nesting Items

Nesting items like cookware sets and measuring cups that sit within each other can practically halve their footprint in your cabinets, making them excellent choices when picking your kitchen equipment.

6. Under-Bed Storage Solutions

Maximise the space beneath your bed — it’s prime real estate for storage! Utilise rolling bins or custom-built drawers to easily store your clothes, extra linens, or other belongings. This area keeps items out of sight but easily reachable, turning what’s often an overlooked space into a storage treasure trove.

7. Door-mounted Organisers

To capitalise on every inch of your home on wheels, consider the back of your doors as a sanctuary for organisation. A shoe organiser is not just for footwear; it’s a versatile tool where all those little knick-knacks that can clutter can be systematically placed — from cleaning supplies to small tools to miscellaneous items.

8. Stackable Bins and Shelves

Vertical space can be ingeniously used through stackable bins and shelves, enabling you to compartmentalise your essentials. Strategically placed in cabinets or closets, they create additional layers of storage, and it is quite satisfying to see every item find its own designated home.

9. Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers

Roof racks and cargo carriers provide an extra repository for things not frequently needed on the road or bulky items that challenge the confines of interior space. Just remember safety first — ensure all outdoor storage is secure and aerodynamic to prevent any travel hazards.

10. Multi-Use Furniture

Furnishings that serve double duty not only save space but also add to the efficiency and functionality of your mobile home. Tables that transform into storage units, sofas with built-in compartments, and beds with fold-out options can make a significant difference in utilising the living area to its fullest potential.

Convenient caravan storage

Additionally, as a bonus tip, consider our hassle-free caravan storage service at Hogleaze, especially if you’re a fan of spontaneous trips. With 24/7 access, you can pack your caravan at any time that suits you best. Our CaSSOA gold award storage facilities guarantee that your items will be safe and your motorhome will be ready for your next adventure whenever you are.

At Hogleaze Storage, we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. Check out our reviews!

If you are looking for indoor or outdoor caravan storage we’d love to hear from you – give us a call on 01305 889777 today to discuss your needs and how we can help!  

Looking for Secure Caravan Storage? Here’s Our Advice.

When it comes to finding a safe haven for your caravan during those times it’s not in use, the importance of security cannot be overstated. Not all storage facilities are created equal, and for caravan owners, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cherished vehicle is in a secure place is invaluable. In this article, we’ll delve into the security features and accolades that make Hogleaze Storage the go-to for secure storage for caravans, ensuring your vehicle’s safety through top-tier caravan security measures.

CaSSOA Gold Award

Topping the list of reasons to choose Hogleaze for your caravan storage needs is our prestigious CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) Gold Award. This accolade is a testament to the facility’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and customer service. When you store your caravan at a CaSSOA Gold Award site, you’re choosing a facility recognised for its superior security measures and commitment to reducing the risk of theft or damage to your caravan.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Upon arrival at Hogleaze Storage, you’re greeted by our state-of-the-art Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. This advanced technology ensures that all vehicle movements to the storage areas are recorded, greatly enhancing the security of your caravan. Such meticulous control is a cornerstone of caravan safety, distinguishing Hogleaze as a leader in secure storage for caravans.

Learn more about our ANPR system and other security measures.

Maximum Security Cameras

Visibility is key to security, and Hogleaze Storage understands this, equipping our facility with security cameras that cover the premises. These high-definition cameras act as a powerful deterrent against unauthorised access and offer invaluable investigative support in the unlikely event of a security breach.

10ft High Earth Banks

Physical barriers are just as important as technological ones in caravan security. Hogleaze Storage goes above and beyond by implementing 10ft high earth banks around the perimeter. These natural barriers serve not just to deter unauthorised entry but also add an extra layer of privacy and protection against environmental damage.

Alarmed Locked Barriers for Outside Plots

Each outdoor storage area at Hogleaze is safeguarded with alarmed locked barriers, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access your caravan. This level of attention to individual security is what sets Hogleaze apart when looking for secure caravan storage.

Regular Staff Inspections

A testament to our commitment to security and customer satisfaction, we conduct regular staff inspections of the premises. These inspections ensure that all security measures are fully operational and that your caravan remains exactly as you left it—safe and secure.

Alarmed Roller Doors and Personal Key Fobs for Access to Undercover Plots

For those opting for undercover storage, Hogleaze Storage provides an additional layer of security with alarmed roller doors and personal key fobs for access. This system ensures that entry is restricted to authorised individuals only, further protecting your caravan from theft or unauthorised use.

Discover more about our comprehensive security features and how we keep your caravan safe.

Choose Hogleaze Storage for Peace of Mind

Hogleaze Storage is not just about storing your caravan; it’s about offering a secure sanctuary so that you can enjoy your off-road adventures without worries. With our CaSSOA Gold Award, ANPR system, maximum security cameras, natural and man-made barriers, regular inspections, and exclusive access systems, we’ve established ourselves as the gold standard in caravan security.

Looking to safeguard your caravan with the best in the business? Learn more about our caravan storage options in Dorset, and feel free to contact us or explore our motorhome storage solutions. Understand how our storage works to make the best decision for your caravan or motorhome.

For a closer look at our unmatched security features or to chat with our friendly staff, call us on 01305 889777. At Hogleaze Storage, we’re not just storing your caravans; we’re safeguarding your peace of mind!

Protecting and Maintaining Your Caravan or Motorhome While in Storage

For those who relish the open roads and the comfort of their own caravan or motorhome, the off-season can be a respite for you but not necessarily for your vehicle. When adventure is on pause, protecting and maintaining your home-on-wheels is vital to ensure it remains in peak condition for the next expedition. Storing with a reputable facility like Hogleaze Storage offers peace of mind for caravan and motorhome owners. Nestled in Dorset, this top-tier storage facility not only safeguards your vehicle but also makes accessibility a breeze, ensuring that when it’s time to travel again, your caravan or motorhome is ready for the journey.

But what steps can you take to ensure your caravan or motorhome stays in pristine condition whilst it’s in storage? Here are five top tips to maintain these vehicles so that they endure the test of time, and idle periods.

Top Tips for Maintaining your Caravan or Motorhome in Storage

1. Perfect Preparation Prior to Parking

Before you lock up and go, a thorough clean of both the interior and exterior will protect your caravan or motorhome from deterioration. Remove all perishables and open all internal doors, including fridge and freezer doors, to prevent mould and odours. Give the exterior a good wash to remove any dirt or road salts that could corrode metal components. Pack away loose items and ensure that all windows and doors are secure.

2. A Breathable Cover to Counter the Elements

As your trusted vehicle is parked, ensure that it’s covered with a breathable material. This wards off environmental damage while preventing dampness, a common issue in lesser quality covers. It’s also wise to invest in wheel covers to prevent the tyres from cracking due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

3. Maintenance Checks While You’re Away

Even while in storage, periodic inspections should be on your to-do list. Check the tyre pressures and rotate the wheels to avoid flat spots. Also, maintain a basic level of battery charge if possible, and consider visiting your caravan or motorhome to aerate it, heating the interior on cold days to prevent dampness.

4. Keep Critters at Bay

Confirm all vents are covered with mesh to deter insects and rodents that can cause unexpected damage to your vehicle. Never leave food or food remnants as they can attract pests, and use suitable repellents where necessary. Electrics and soft furnishings are particularly vulnerable, so be thorough.

5. Habitation checks & regular Servicing: The Non-negotiable

Although not a legal requirement, a habitation check is recommended for your safety, peace of mind and to protect your investment.

Lastly, regular servicing cannot be overlooked. A full service before storing and after retrieving your caravan or motorhome can prevent the bulk of issues that arise from standstill periods. It ensures that all operational systems are in working order and prevents unexpected failures when back on the road.

These steps will maintain the quality and extend the lifespan of your beloved caravan or motorhome. However, the choice of storage facility will significantly complement these efforts.

Benefits of Storing with Hogleaze

With Hogleaze, you are not just storing your caravan or motorhome; you are preserving an investment. The benefits are numerous:

  • Security: The safety of your vehicle is a priority, and at Hogleaze, with a CaSSOA Gold award for security we demonstrate this by providing top-notch security features, including CCTV, access control, and well-lit facilities.
  • Ease of Access: With flexible access to your vehicle 24/7, your weekend getaway or impromptu road trips are never hindered.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is in a safe location, protected from weather and theft, allows you to focus on planning your next adventure rather than worrying about its condition.

Call to Action

Whether you’re looking to free up driveway space or seeking a secure home for your caravan or motorhome when it’s not in use, Hogleaze Storage is your ideal partner. With further outside storage availability coming in the summer months, there’s no better time to get organised.

Eager to discuss your caravan and motorhome storage needs? Curious about how you can best protect your vehicle during off-season periods or all year round? Call Hogleaze Storage today, and let’s ensure your mobile home remains in the best possible condition, ready to roll out for your next holiday.

A Round up of 2023

Hogleaze Storage

As we bid farewell to the year 2023, Hogleaze Storage takes a moment to reflect on the achievements and successes of the past year. It has been a remarkable journey, filled with milestones and growth. Let’s dive into the highlights of 2023 for Hogleaze Storage.

1. Getting the Classic Car Storage Facility Completed.

One of the significant milestones for Hogleaze Storage in 2023 was the successful completion of our classic car storage facility. We understand the demand for safe and secure car storage options, and we are proud to have provided this service to our valued customers. Our purpose built classic car storage facility offers a haven for car owners, ensuring peace of mind and protection for their vehicles.

The classic car storage facility includes features such as: 

  • 24/7 access
  • 24/7 security 
  • Insulated building 
  • Easy to access electrical points for trickle charging

2. Classic Car Storage Success

Upon opening our classic car storage facility, we were met with an overwhelming response from car owners seeking secure and reliable storage options for their vehicles. The demand for our classic car storage services was exceptionally high, resulting in rapid and impressive occupancy rates. We are grateful for the trust and confidence our customers have placed in us to protect their valued vehicles.

Moreover, we understand the importance of ongoing availability to accommodate customers as they come and go. At Hogleaze Storage, we ensure that our car storage facility remains accessible and flexible, allowing for a seamless experience for all car owners.

With the remarkable success of our classic car storage services, we are inspired to continue expanding and enhancing our offerings in 2024. Our commitment to providing top-quality storage solutions remains unwavering, and we look forward to serving even more car owners in the years to come.

3. Self-Storage Remains Popular

Not only did our classic car storage facility thrive, but our self-storage units also remained highly sought after throughout the year. The storage needs of individuals and businesses have been consistently met by Hogleaze Storage. We take pride in providing secure and convenient storage solutions, and we are delighted to have fulfilled the needs of our customers.

4. Caravans and Motorhomes Find a Home

The popularity of caravans and motorhomes continued to rise in 2023, and Hogleaze Storage rose to the occasion by offering dedicated storage options for these valuable vehicles. Our indoor and outdoor caravan storage facilities provide a safe and secure environment, allowing owners to store their vehicles with confidence. The success of our caravan storage services has been remarkable, and we are grateful for the support and trust of our customers.  

Inspiring 2024 Plans

The overwhelming response and near-full occupancy in 2023 have inspired Hogleaze Storage to embark on an exciting new journey in 2024. We are thrilled to announce that we will be building another outside compound to meet the growing demand. This expansion will allow us to serve even more customers and continue our commitment to providing top-notch storage solutions. The new outside compound is set to be ready by the middle of the year, promising an even better experience for our valued customers.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year filled with achievements and growth for Hogleaze Storage. Our car storage, self-storage, and caravan storage facilities have thrived, thanks to the support of our loyal customers. We are immensely grateful for their trust and confidence in our services. As we enter 2024, we eagerly anticipate further expansion and the opportunity to serve more customers with our top-quality storage solutions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Hogleaze Storage as we continue to provide excellence in the storage industry.

Student Self-Storage: How To Organise Your Belongings

Are you a student wondering where to store your belongings over the summer? At Hogleaze Storage, we provide two secure locations in Weymouth and Dorchester where you can safely keep your belongings over the summer months. Student storage units are also ideal when spending a year out, allowing you to retrieve your belongings at the end of your travels. Reduce the hassle of shipping or transporting your belongings home with the support of student self-storage.

But how do you organise your belongings before using your student storage unit? This article will give you advice on preparing your belongings for storage.

Is There Anything That Cannot Go Into Student Self-Storage?

There are very few items that Hogleaze Storage cannot store for you:

  • Illegal items – prohibited drugs, weapons, or self-defence sprays cannot be stored in your student storage unit.
  • Foods and perishable items – foods and perishable items will deteriorate and may damage other items in your storage unit. We are unable to freeze or refrigerate perishable goods.
  • Flammable items or items that emit fumes or odours – oil, paints, gases or fireworks should not be stored in student self-storage.
  • Irreplaceable items – students should not store sentimental or financial items like currency, jewellery, art, or deeds.

What Items Can I Store In A Student Storage Unit?

Students can store anything not in the above list. Common storage items include:

  • Furniture, electronics and appliances – any tables, shelves, desks, electronics, or kitchen appliances.
  • Textbooks or equipment – any materials you don’t need over the summer can go into a Hogleaze student self-storage unit, be that a biology textbook or large sports equipment.
  • Clothing – maximise your limited wardrobe space by organising clothes seasonally. Store the season you won’t be wearing with us, then swap them out accordingly!

How Should I Organise My Self-Storage Unit?

You can take a few steps to make your self-storage unit easier to navigate and unpack. Consider these simple steps to arrange your belongings.

List and mark up your items.

List everything you will put in your self-storage unit. Ensure everything is boxed up and marked correctly so you know what is in each box.

Store fragile items in secure boxes.

Pack up fragile items in bubble wrap and secure plastic boxes. Cardboard boxes are more susceptible to damage than plastic, so added strength can help to protect crockery or electronics from damage.

Clean before packing

Items like clothes or bedding will last longer if washed and cleaned before being packed away.

Heavy items go first.

Put your heavier items, like larger textbooks or electronics, at the bottom of each box. Lighter items go on top to avoid being damaged.

Most used items go last.

Put the items you use the most at the top of the pile or closest to the door of your student self-storage unit. This will make them easiest to grab or unpack.

Do you really need it?

Consider as you pack something up whether you really need it. Do you really need that Halloween outfit from the first year?

Take apart larger items.

Take apart larger items like bookshelves or desks to make them easier to transport. If it isn’t possible, our storage units can easily fit in all student furniture.

Pack heavier items by the door.

Heavier boxes or furniture may be more difficult to transport and are often the first items to go into a vehicle. Put them near the front of your storage unit for easier transportation.

How Can Hogleaze Storage Help With Your Student Storage Unit?

At Hogleaze Storage, we offer flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions for your belongings. We have units from 16 to 150 square feet on flexible short and long-term leases. From as little as £44 a month, you can safely store your items with us. Whether you’re coming back in a month or a year, we simply give you your storage key fob and allow you to drop off, and pick up, your belongings as you need.

Save yourself the stress and purchase our packing materials and boxes for your convenience, so you can simply pack and drop off your items. All of our units are secure, and CCTV monitored, so you can feel confident that your items are secure as you embark on your travels or trip home.

Hogleaze Storage is on hand to help you book a student storage unit. Contact us today to find out more about our flexible student self-storage options.

What’s on in Dorset this Summer (Motorhome Edition)

Thanks to the beautiful Dorset coast and country landscape, there is always a lot going on in the county over the summer. And with plenty of caravan and motorhome sites around it is the perfect place for a holiday for those looking for a trip away in your home away from home.

If you are heading down to our gorgeous coast, check out our guide to what’s on this summer.

Camp Bestival

Dorset’s own Glastonbury is set to take place again this year, between the 27th and 30th of July.
The family-friendly event will see a star-studded line-up from music acts such as Scouting for Girls, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Sam Ryder, to children’s entertainers Dick and Dom, and Mr. Tumble.

The 3-day event will also be throwing it back to the 80s with a roller disco, blowing minds with a circus performance, and calming the chaos with cosmic kids yoga among other entertainment activities planned.

As the name suggests, it is the perfect place to camp with your motorhome or caravan. With three different motorhome and campervan fields available, you can pick the best spot for you and those you are travelling with.

Tickets for motorhomes and caravans must be bought in advance.

Seafeast – The Dorset Seafood Festival

If you are a seafood lover, you will not want to miss our award-winning Seafeast. This event gives you a chance to experience and taste the range of seafood we have right on our doorstep on the shores of our coastline.

The Weymouth food festival is taking place on the 9th and 10th of September and provides an opportunity to learn more about the health of our seas, catch chef demos to learn new skills and recipes, and raise funds for our local Fishermen’s Mission.

Weymouth SummerFest

New this year, SummerFest will be a fun-packed festival that is aimed at families. On Saturday 3rd June, the festival will be taking place at Redlands Leisure and Community Park to raise money for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

At the free festival, you can expect live music, a great fire works display, pop-up farmers’ market, a classic car display, a children’s football tournament, Combat Lab demonstrations and so much more.

This event is not to be missed if you are in the area.

Sherbourne Castle Country Fair

A firm favourite with the locals, the Sherborne Country Fair is returning to the castle on the 29th of May-something to do with your bank holiday! The event is accessible to everyone with free parking and is dog friendly.

The lakeside location gives a stunning backdrop to the variety of activities that happen across the day, from the dragon boat racing to music and dance performances.

Kingston Lacy

In the heart of rural Wimborne, is a large National Trust estate that provides endless fun for a day out. 

The car park has specific parking for motorhomes, so it is easily accessible for those who are traveling in their home. 

The National Trust hold a range of events and activities throughout the summer, such as their Guided Garden Walk, Marvellous Minibeasts trails, and Yoga Under the Trees. Or if you are looking for something with a little less structure, then roam the gardens and house at your leisure, and make the most of the weather (hopefully) by enjoying a picnic on the greens.

Wimborne Folk Festival

Join Dorset’s largest folk festival in the quaint town of Wimborne. Between the 9th to the 11th of June, the town will be filled with live music, dancing, market stalls, and art exhibitions. Take part in the dance and music workshops, or soak up the atmosphere at the microbrewery, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t miss a minute of the action and stay at the Folk Festival Campsite, just a 10-minute walk from the town centre and hub of the action.

Dorset VolksFest

VW Fest is back this year over at the showground in Wareham. The festival offers a relaxing weekend to enjoy live music, a DJ/dance marquee, plenty of activities for children, stunt shows, a Show & Shine competition, a trade village, a beer, cider & wine tent, and a great choice of street food and, of course, a wide variety of VWs.

Hoping to make the most of the summer sun? The festival is heading to Dorset from the 7th to the 9th of July, so head over if you are around that weekend.

Sherborne Car show

If you are interested in classic and super cars, then this is an event not to be missed.

Taking place at Sherborne Castle on Sunday 16th July, the event will include over 1,500 private classic and supercars on display, motor club and trade stands, an autojumble, a craft fair, and a catering village.

Parking is free, and the event raises money for a number of charities each year.

South West Motorhome Show

While this event isn’t in Dorset, it would be remiss of us to miss it out of our “What’s on in Dorset (Motorhome Edition)”.

The South West Motorhome Show takes place in the idyllic Somerset, Dorset neighbouring county, from the 8th to the 10th of September.

Spend your day exploring local and national dealers, who will be displaying a diverse range of new & used motorhomes and campervans for sale, or participate in the free motorhome manoeuvring courses that are put on by The Caravan and Motorhome Club. In the evenings, enjoy the live entertainment that is put on.

Where can you keep your caravan between adventures?

Need of somewhere to park your caravan or motorhome while you are out exploring our local area? We would recommend using sites such as; these can be extremely helpful as they can show you a map of locations where you can park for the duration of your stay.

Use the caravan or motorhome storage at Hogleaze Storage

If you are looking for somewhere to keep your motorhome or caravan after your adventures, then we have a number of secure caravan and motorhome storage plots at our Dorchester facility.

Don’t just listen to us about our caravan and motorhome storage facility, hear what others have to say.

“It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the caravan into secure storage. I really like the facility and I am impressed with the setup you have.”

If you would like to learn more about our storage facility, then give our Dorchester office a call on 01305 889777, or complete the form on our contact us page and we will get back to you.

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Indoor Storage Vs Outdoor Storage: Which should you use?

There are many reasons why you might be considering using self storage in Dorset. Whether you are moving house or offices, are having a de-clutter, or are looking for somewhere to store your caravan, motorhome, or classic car. But what kind of storage unit should you use, indoor or outdoor?

In this article, we will share some of the differences between each so that you can make an informed decision and get on with the real task at hand…sorting your belongings out.

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are exactly what they say, storage units that are outside. There are two types of outdoor storage; one is usually a shipping container and the other is an outdoor plot like a parking space that is used for motorhome, caravan or classic car storage.

These containers usually have drive-up or walk-up access, meaning that you can drive your car right up to the door of the unit and unload it directly into the storage space. It makes packing (or unpacking) your storage unit quick and easy as it is just a few steps to the next load each time.

This is especially helpful if you are planning to store heavy furniture and items as you won’t have to worry about navigating your way through corridors and hallways with your belongings on a trolley.

Items that can be stored in an outdoor storage unit include

  • Lawnmower and gardening equipment,
  • Bicycles,
  • Canoes or kayaks,
  • Camping gear,
  • Christmas decorations,
  • Garden Furniture,
  • And more.

At Hogleaze Storage, we currently only offer outdoor motorhome and caravan plots our self storage facility in Dorchester. However, as we expand our facility, container storage might be available in the future, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further updates.

Things to Consider When Using Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage units have a few points that should be considered before hiring one.

The container, motorhome, or caravan, is exposed to the weather and elements. If storing a motorhome or caravan in an outdoor unit you may want to consider using a cover to protect it from UV rays, or wet weather.

Most outdoor storage units aren’t temperature-controlled, so if you have items that are susceptible to extreme weather, such as extreme heat, bitter cold, or excessive humidity, this might not be the best option for you.

If you are looking to store something more valuable or sensitive, you might want to consider indoor storage at our Dorchester or Weymouth storage facilities.

Inside Storage Units

Again, an inside storage unit is exactly what it says, a storage unit that is inside a building.

With one of these, you will enter a building to access your belongings, meaning that if you pack your storage unit on a rainy day you will stay dry (mostly… no matter how close you get your car to the entrance, we can’t guarantee you won’t get wet). It also makes it easier when rummaging for that one item that you desperately need in the coming days, as you won’t have to worry about letting rain into your self-storage unit.

Indoor storage units in Dorset are often temperature controlled, making them a suitable place to store items that may be sensitive to the weather and other important belongings.

These storage units can sometimes feel a little more secure than outdoor storage, as the units are in an enclosed building, providing an extra level of protection. At Hogleaze Storage, our buildings are locked, and you will receive your own fob to gain entrance to them. Plus we have CCTV cameras around our Dorchester and Weymouth storage facilities, and our staff do regular inspections of the site to ensure your belongings are being stored safely.

Indoor storage units are suitable for the following items:

  • Collectibles,
  • Artwork,
  • Wine and spirits,
  • Household appliances,
  • Family heirlooms,
  • Photos and photo albums,
  • Plastic items such as toys,
  • Electronics,
  • Clothing,
  • Upholstered furniture,
  • Wooden furniture,
  • Mattresses.

As well as our indoor self storage units in Dorset, Hogleaze Storage also provides undercover caravan, motorhome and classic car storage plots, so you can benefit from the advantages of indoor units while storing your motorhome, caravan, or classic car. These plots are like indoor car parks, where you are allocated a space for your vehicle.

Things to Consider When Using Indoor Storage

Just like outdoor storage units, there are a few things that you should consider before hiring an indoor storage unit.

If you are looking for somewhere with easy access, you might not find this with indoor self storage. Depending on availability, you might end up with a storage unit upstairs, so you will have to wheel or carry belongings to a lift, and no matter where your storage unit is, you won’t be able to drive your car up to the entrance of the unit.

We have trolleys at both our Dorchester and Weymouth storage facilities, to make moving items to and from your car as easy as possible.

Made A Decision?

If you have decided that an indoor storage unit is what you might need to hold your items, we are here to help.

We are members of the Self Storage Association, meaning that we adhere to strict rules and regulations that guide self storage conditions so you can rest assured your belongings are in a safe and secure location.

To learn more about our Weymouth storage facility, give us a call on 01305 830000, or if you are looking for self storage in Dorchester, call us on 01305 889777.

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Tips for a Christmas clear out

With Christmas, comes more ‘stuff’! And with all the new presents, decorations and kids toys, it can mean your home ends up at bursting point.

Once the festivities are over and you want to put the house back together, this is a great time to have a good clear out and prepare to store all the items you don’t need day to day.

Our guide will help you make a plan for a proper clear out and what to do with your belongings once you’ve been through them all.  A self-storage unit could be the answer to keeping your home clutter free and we’ll give you tips on how best to use it.

Make a plan

Normally when you embark on a mass clear out project, things get worse before they get better. So we suggest you have a bit of a plan in place as to how you’re going to tackle each area so things don’t get too chaotic.

Think about what you want to achieve, for example do you want to clear the spare room so guests can stay, do you need to declutter the kids’ bedrooms of all their old toys to make room for the new ones, or maybe the garage needs a good sort out to fit in the new bikes or to get the car in to avoid it being frosted up each morning.

Get a pad and paper and work out the key jobs and when you plan on doing them – you might want to dedicate a couple of the days between Christmas and new year.

Think about what you’re going to do with the items you either want to bin, send to charity or keep (but don’t need regular access to). If you’re going to bin things, consider where the items will be disposed off eg. the tip (check out the opening times) or you might want to hire a skip or skip bag.

In preparation, we recommend you buy some storage boxes, vacuum pack bags or baskets ready for the clear out.

Room by room

In case you don’t get round to everything you want to do, work on the most important area or room first. That way you will at least feel you’ve achieved the most important objective.

Go in prepared! We suggest you have 3 piles or bags at the ready. Bin, donate and store.

Go through the room in a logical order and if you need approval from anyone on whether to throw or keep items, make sure they’re around to decide, or put them in a different pile.

While you’re having a clear out, take this chance to organise the items that are staying in that room – maybe get a little storage unit for toys in kids rooms, get some under bed drawers for shoes or jumpers, baskets for bedding and towels in the airing cupboard etc.

Clothes storage is always a challenge! We’d recommend only keeping the items you will be wearing for that season in your bedroom. For example, in the autumn, bag up all your summer clothes and consider putting them into storage until you need them again. There’s no point in them taking up valuable space when you won’t need them for 9 months. If you are thinking about doing this, take a read of our last article on how to safely store clothes in a self storage unit.

If you’re looking to put any items in self-storage units, make sure they’re packaged well and that you label any boxes with what’s inside. It’s also worth taking an inventory of what you put in storage so you know what’s in there when you go to collect anything.

Hire a skip or skip bag

If you anticipate having a lot of rubbish or big items to dispose of, it might be best to hire a skip. If you want this during the festive period, it’s probably a good idea to book this in advance. Make sure you fill the skip effectively to get maximum use out of it. You might want to consider sharing a skip with your neighbour if they’re planning on a Christmas sort out too!

Get help!

This doesn’t have to be a solo job! We recommend giving everyone in the household their own jobs. Involve the kids in sorting their own toys and belongings out. You could even consider doing a car boot sale in the new year where they could sell their old toys for some pocket money.

Consider self storage

Using a self-storage unit can be the ideal way to keep your home clutter free. There are so many items we have in our homes that we may only need once or twice a year so why have them taking up valuable space? For example, consider using self-storage for things such as Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, seasonal sports equipment such as paddleboards, watersports items or skiing kit.

At Hogleaze storage we offer our customers a choice of sizes of self storage units, depending on how much space you need. All of our storage units in Dorchester can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. We also have self storage in Weymouth for individuals and businesses.

Why choose Hogleaze

At Hogleaze, we fully understand the responsibility we have of looking after your precious belongings. That’s why we have ensured that our self storage units are clean, secure and that we offer some of the most affordable storage solutions in Dorset.

Our security measures include number plate recognition, maximum security cameras, alarms and regular staff inspections.

We offer 24-hour access at our Dorchester site. You will receive a personal key fob that allows you access to your storage at any time.

Offering storage in Weymouth and Dorchester, we are able to provide you with a quote on our units and as we don’t require a deposit, you can start storing today!

To check availability of our self storage units in Dorchester, contact us on 01305 889777, or our self storage units in Weymouth, call 01305 830000.

Alternatively, fill out the form on our contact page and we will get in touch with you.

Tips for storing clothing in our self storage units

It seemed unseasonably warm at the start of November this year, but as we hit the middle of the month the cold weather has set in, and we are all starting to put our woolly hats and jumpers on to wrap up warm.

This change in weather often brings with it a change of wardrobe, with many of us finding space to put our summer clothes away, making room for the winter wear. But why struggle to fit it in any space you can find or go through a harsh clear out? A flexible self storage solution could save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Below are a few of our tips for keeping clothing in self storage units.

Have a clear out

We know it can be hard, but it is always a good idea to have a clear out when looking for more space.

We have a few rules to follow when going through your clothes. 

  1. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, it is likely you won’t wear it again. 
  2. If items of clothing are damaged, get rid of them.

It can be painful, but a good clear out will always feel refreshing. 

While there is an element of needing to be ruthless when having a clear out, don’t forget that self storage units are always an option. Just in case there is an outfit that is just waiting for another event to be used, think of self storage.

Wash the clothes first

Once you have a pile of clothes that you are going to put into a self storage unit, it is advisable that you make sure your clothes are in good, clean condition before going away. You don’t want to put them away for a few months and then get them out to find they are dirty and need a wash. If you run them through the washing machine & tumble dryer, (it’s essential you don’t store wet or damp clothes or accessories) so you won’t have to worry about needing to wash them when you need them, instead you will be able to wear the outfit.

Another reason to wash your clothes before putting them into self storage units is because deodorants and perfumes can stain clothes over an extended period of time.

Repair any damaged clothes that you are keeping

You also don’t want to get to spring and summer and find the clothes you now need are damaged and need repairing. Save yourself the disappointment and repair any damaged items now. Your future self will thank you.

Store any seasonal accessories

If you are the type of person that has accessories to go with each outfit and each season, then we recommend that you also store these in the self-storage unit. These items can be bulky and take up a lot of storage space when they are not in use.

Rather than leaving them lying around for several months not using them, box them up and put them out of the way in a self storage unit.

An added bonus of doing this is that all your seasonal clothes and the accessories that go with them will be together, so you won’t have a panic that you can’t find those specific shoes, scarf or necklace for this outfit when it comes to wearing it all.

Don’t bother ironing

Don’t waste time ironing items of clothing before putting them into a self storage unit. Your items will need to be folded neatly to go in the box, and over time creases will naturally develop. Spend time packing them up correctly now, and then iron it all when you take it out of storage.

Box up delicate clothing

If you are planning on putting clothing into a self storage unit for a longer period of time, we recommend that you box up clothing instead of vacuum-packing them. This way of storing things can have its advantages, but clothing made of wool and silk don’t do well inside them for extended periods of time.

Use good quality boxes for clothing that will be stored longer than a few weeks. If you need to get hold of some boxes, you can purchase them from us at great prices.

Label boxes

To be honest, we think this is something everyone should do, no matter what they are putting into self storage units. This can be especially handy when storing clothes in a self storage unit, as it will allow you to locate types of clothing easily when you need them. This could save you having to go through all of the boxes to find that pile of shorts or skirts that you packed away.

You can create a labelling system that works for you, whether this is naming each box by season, items or even colours.

If you are really organised, you can set up an inventory list of everything you are putting into storage that identifies all the clothing you’ve packed away. That way you can be confident that you haven’t lost them.

Store them in the right environment

Your clothes should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place. This will prevent any damage happening to them while they are in a self storage unit.

We regularly make sure that our units are sealed and dry, so this isn’t something you need to think about when using Hogleaze self storage solutions.

Hogleaze Storage self storage units

If you follow these tips, putting clothes into a self storage unit will be easy and stress-free and you can be confident that when you go to wear them again, they will be clean and in the best possible condition.

Hogleaze Storage is a safe and secure facility, with alarmed buildings and CCTV cameras across both our Dorchester and Weymouth facilities. Plus our staff complete regular walks around the sites to make sure everything is closed and locked up.

In addition to that, our Dorchester self storage units have key fob entry, and you will get your own personal fob on completion of paperwork.

We are proud members of the Self Storage Association, meaning that we adhere to strict operating principles and regulations.

Our contacts are flexible, as we know that you don’t always want to store your belongings for a long period of time.

To enquire about our self storage solutions you can call our Dorchester facility on 01305 889777 and our Weymouth facility on 01305 830000.

Alternatively you can fill out the form on our contact page.

Excellent Security and Beautiful Views

I very much appreciate the security (and, by the way, the beautiful

scenery) surrounding Hogleaze.

Claire Gross Dorchester Self Storage
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Hogleaze provides excellent facilities and service

We are emailing you to inform you that we have sold our motorhome and will no longer require the pitch. Should we buy another van, we will of course come back if you have availability.

You provide excellent facilities and service.

Ken and Cordie Tett Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
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Really impressed with the service & customer-focused attention

I was really impressed with the service and customer-focused attention I received dealing with you both. Prompt replies to my enquiries and professional standards throughout mean that my first thoughts on needing storage will be towards Hogleaze. Also, as I mentioned when meeting you, my work involves motor homes, camper vans and the occasional ‘shed’ and I have and will continue to recommend you. I took several of your cards for this purpose!

Unfortunately, our house move failed as the buyers pulled out on Christmas Eve (nice) so I’ve put my MX5 back in our double garage but I was happy knowing it was safe and snug at yours!

Guy Henville Dorchester Self Storage
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Fantastic value, easy and secure.

Fantastic value, easy and secure. Would not hesitate to use again if needed.

Alex Davies Weymouth Self Storage
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Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years…

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years I have seen great improvements made to the facilities. It is a really good storage area offering very secure facilities for whatever your storage needs.
Jan Hankin Dorchester Self Storage
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My second time of using Hogleaze for storage.

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage. Friendly, accommodating and efficient. Easy access and secure. Everything you need. Thank you.

Richard Allen Dorchester Self Storage
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Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. 

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. Clean, bright and modern storage with easy access at any time. Trolleys provided for moving your items. Very reasonable costs.
Bronwen James Dorchester Self Storage
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Found the facility to be safe and secure

I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.
Peter Lewis Dorchester Self Storage
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Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Having never used self storage before your help was much appreciated. I would certainly use your facility again when there is a need. I would also recommend your company to others.

Bob Malone Dorchester Self Storage
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Excellent facilities.

Excellent facilities. Gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Peter Bachrach Dorchester Self Storage
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Very secure.

We used Hogleaze Storage for nearly 1 year excellent faculties and all storage units very secure and high standard. Staff always friendly and happy to help. Would highly recommend them!

Claire Beaumont Self Storage
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Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage.

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage. Really good rates, clean and light building with easy access. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks Hogleaze Storage!

‎Rob Hodgkinson‎ Self Storage
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I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have.

It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the Caravan in to secure storage. I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have. I received your welcome letter yesterday and have set up the standing order for the 1st July and then to continue at the begin of each month thereafter.

Thank you once again.

Kirston Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
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I would recommend Hogleaze Storage to anyone thinking of storing their possessions

It has been a most enjoyable experience entrusting Hogleaze Storage Ltd with my furniture, household and personal possessions, since August 2012.

It was good to meet Shelley, her helpful and friendly demeanor, nothing was too much – she even brought along bolt cutters in case I could not open the padlock on the shutter doors. She was happy to show Gentleman Removals and myself the way.

The service has been excellent throughout the seven years, with up-to-date monthly invoices and security information – thoughtful and caring – all my possessions including the ones I did not know I had stored in the unit, were intact and working.

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage Ltd to anyone thinking of storing their household, office and personal possessions, whether short or long-term. The location is worth a visit on its own, the site is safe and secure, clean and accessible 24/7.

Simon Dorchester Self Storage
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The storage facilities are amazing!

Mr Evans caravan Vehicle Storage
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Using Hogleaze again

We are very pleased with the service and will be using Hogleaze again at some point!

Mr Stein Self Storage
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I have been delighted with the facilities provided and I’m sure I’ll be using Hogleaze again!

Mr Walsh Self Storage
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Excellent storage facilities

Hogleaze has excellent storage facilities which are also impressive both from a security and cleanliness point of view

Ms Maskall caravan Vehicle Storage
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A great experience

I have had a great experience with Hogleaze’s storage services and would recommend to anyone

Mr Huxford Self Storage
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A pleasure

It’s been a pleasure using your great facilities

Mr Beaumont Self Storage
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Recommended secure storage

I would recommend you to any people looking for secure strorage

Mr Graff Self Storage
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Thank you

I would like to thank you for the good service we have received whilst storing our caravan with you

Mr Bosley caravan Vehicle Storage
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Enjoyed the services

We have enjoyed the services at your storage facility and will hopefully be returning to you again in the future

Mr and Mrs Marsden Self Storage
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