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Moving house? How our removals and storage solution can help you

Moving house is an exciting time, but it can also be rather stressful – It’s even frequently cited as one of life’s most stressful events! At Hogleaze Storage, we aim to take some of that stress away with our complete removals and storage solution

Read on to discover our ‘top tips’ to help you plan your house move, as well as what the team at Hogleaze Storage can offer you.

Top tips for moving house

Having a ‘plan of action’ to the packing and moving process can really help make sure that you’ve got everything covered. We have years of experience of helping our customers move house so we thought we’d share some of tips we’ve learned over the years:

  1. Have a big clear out! – It sounds pretty obvious but you don’t want to pay to move and store items that you don’t need anymore. Take this opportunity to go through your belongings and create ‘bin, donate and keep’ piles.  
  2. Start packing early – Being organised during a house move will make the process much easier. Packing away things that you don’t use daily e.g. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, keepsakes, etc can get you ahead of the game. 
  3. Arrange a storage solution if needed – Introduce the idea of hiring a storage unit to help keep your items safe before, during and after the move. You may not be able to move directly from one property to another, so the need for temporary or long term storage might be essential- the team at Hogleaze Storage can help organise this for you.
  4. Book professional movers – Once you’ve decluttered and you know what you’re taking, the next step is to organise your removals company, to help you transport your items for when the big day comes. 
  5. Have a plan for moving day – Don’t go putting all your effort into the pre-moving prep and end up unprepared on the day! Pack some snacks and drinks, have a plan for children and pets, leave time to clean, ensure you’ll have access to essential items (eg. chargers, medicines, money) and make sure you’ve got all your documents and keys in order.

Our ‘all-in-one removals and storage’ solution

At Hogleaze Storage we understand that moving house is a challenging time, but we provide a full service that should make the process a little easier.  

Our standard removals and storage solution is available to all DT postcodes, covering local towns and villages such as Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport, Abbotsbury and Puddletown (along with many more).

How does it work?

  • Step 1: We provide the packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, tape and labels
  • Step 2: Then one of the team will move your belongings into one of our safe & secure units
  • Step 3: And, when you’re ready, we’ll deliver your stored items to your new address

Hogleaze Storage has partnered with a local removals company to provide Hogleaze customers with a removal, packing and storage solution as a one-stop-shop service. We’ll even sort out the insurance for extra peace of mind.

How much does it cost?

With prices starting from just £395 (subject to terms & conditions), you can rest assured that all your removal and storage needs will be met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why choose our all-in-one solution

This is the perfect solution for if you want to decorate or renovate your new home without having all your belongings and furniture there. It also gives you the flexibility to move into your new home in stages, as you’ll be able to adjust your storage contract accordingly.

You could also benefit from;

  • Less pressure on your moving day
  • Storing some belongings when your house is on the market could help attract buyers who appreciate a more simple, decluttered way of living
  • The option of a full packing service if you’re pushed for time
  • Dealing with one provider who will coordinate the move and storage for you  

Check out our FAQs section for more information.

Hogleaze Storage is a trusted and certified local removals and storage company with years of experience in the industry.

“We were so pleased with the service we received during our recent house move, the facilities are amazing and so clean.  We loved that we could access our belongings whenever we wanted.” 
K Hester – Customer of Hogleaze Storage

Contact us now for more information

With storage locations just off the A35 close to Dorchester, and on the Granby Industrial Estate in Weymouth, Hogleaze Storage offers unrivalled facilities such as differently sized units, easy 24/7 access and high-security features, as well as excellent customer service.

To discuss our removals and storage service, please call our Weymouth storage site on 01305 830000, or email For our Dorchester storage site, please call us on 01305 889777 or email

Alternatively, visit our contact page and fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch.

Top tips for long term storage

There are many different scenarios where people may need to store their belongings for a long period. Maybe you have family heirlooms that don’t have a place in your home right now, or you’re going travelling and need a safe place to store some of your possessions while you are away. Whatever your reasons, determining what to do with your ‘stuff’ while you’re away from home for months (or years) can be stressful.

Our Dorset storage experts have created a helpful guide to take some of your worries away. Read on to find out our top tips for long term storage.

1. Decide how much you have to store

From needing to store your caravan or motorhome over the winter months, storing business paperwork to declutter your office, or storing household items during a renovation project, the team at Hogleaze Storage have got your back. There are a wide range of things that you could put into long term storage, so before you take any steps to prepare, you’ll need to decide how much you have to store, and find the right size unit. 

We provide a range of unit sizes allowing you to be able to safely store small household items or household furniture in long term storage, just call our Dorchester team on 01305 889777 or our Weymouth team on 01305 830000 to discuss your needs.

2. Clean your items

Before packing up your items for storage and forgetting all about them for a while, you should give everything a good clean. Remove any batteries from remotes, old toys and anything else you can think of and make sure that everything is dry before storing it away. This will ensure that your items don’t go mouldy while they are packed away. 

Our Dorset storage units are weatherproof and kept immaculately clean, so as long as there is no moisture in the items to begin with, they are likely to stay in good condition for when you return.

3. Pack away your items safely

To ensure the safekeeping of your possessions, make sure that you pack everything into new, sturdy packing boxes. Use bubble wrap to protect any valuables in the boxes and seal the box with tape so the box is airtight. Avoid using plastic bags as they can not guarantee safe storage of your things, not to mention their impact on the environment! 

We suggest that you label your boxes so that you have an idea what is in each box, making it easier to keep organised. 
From boxes, to bubble wrap,tape to labels, everything that you need to safely pack away your belongings can be bought through us at either of our storage facilities. If you are unsure what packaging you may need, drop an email to or call our Dorchester team on 01305 889777 or our Weymouth Team on 01305 830000 and we’d be happy to offer our advice.

4. Be strategic with your space 

If you’ve got lots of things that need to be put away, the thought of getting started can be intimidating. Although it might seem obvious, we advise that you utilise shelves, racks and boxes as much as possible. By doing this you can make the space organised, keep your items easily accessible and ensure that the use of space is maximised. If you are going to stack boxes ensure they are full, or they may collapse when stacked.

You will also find that labelling your boxes will help here, as that will enable you to position everything in a sensible manner (heavy things at the bottom etc.) as well as then making it easier for you to find things at a later date.

Also, consider the order that you pack your storage unit. If there are any items that you’ll want to collect sooner than others, don’t forget to leave them closer to the entrance.

5. Insurance

One final tip would be to purchase storage insurance which will add an extra layer of safety to your possessions. This, of course, is extra and if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.

Consider the best local storage facility 

Our storage units are cost-effective, easily accessible and can cater to your long term needs. We don’t have a maximum length of stay, meaning that you can continue storing your possessions for as long as you like, and be confident that your belongings are in safe hands. Unlike some storage companies, we won’t regularly increase your fee the longer you stay, so you’ll know that you’re getting the best deal in the area.

Get in contact with our storage experts to book your Dorset storage. Just call our Weymouth facility on 01305 830000 or email, alternatively you can contact our Dorchester branch on 01305 889777 or

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks on self storage.

Tips for moving into a new office space

The need for business self storage is becoming more prevalent due to more people working from home, redecorating, changing location or downsizing the office space. For many businesses, it has been proven to be more cost-effective to rent a smaller office or work from home and pay to store excess documents, stock or large equipment and furniture.

Moving offices can be a particularly stressful time with the upheaval for staff, possible downtime and the logistics of moving everything from one place to another. You may also be moving to smaller premises and you’re not sure how everything will fit! 

Using a storage facility during an office move ensures that your goods are in safe hands and by keeping them out of the way, it lessens the risk of damage. Read on for all the ways that a business storage unit from Hogleaze Storage can help. 

Planning & budgeting for your office move

Office relocations can start out exciting but the panic can soon set in when you have to plan the move and the logistical challenges this can cause. Having a central list of what needs to be done can provide some structure to the move.

Here are some tips and things to consider:

  1. Set a timeframe and move date.
  2. Ensure your employees are aware of what the plan is and consider offering them a visit to the new premises so they know what to expect.
  3. Establish your budget and sign off-procedure for expenditure.
  4. Sort out the utilities for the new office and plan on cancelling them for the old premises.
  5. Make a list of what furniture and equipment you will need / not need at the new office.
  6. Organise key documents and label all your boxes.
  7. Book your packing / removal company and storage facility.
  8. Sort out what will happen on move day and who are the team of helpers.
  9. Decide who will be responsible for setting up the new office, furniture, IT equipment etc.
  10. Have a plan B in case the move doesn’t go quite as expected!

What is the best size storage space to go for?

This will depend on what you want to store. At Hogleaze Storage, we can help advise you with this as we have years of experience with business self storage

If you end up needing a bigger or smaller space than you’ve booked, we would be happy to accommodate and move you to a more appropriately sized unit. 

At Hogleaze Storage we offer various sizes of business self storage units ranging:

  • From 25 square ft floor area (225 cu.ft.)
  • Up to 190 square ft floor area (1520 cu.ft.)

What can you store in your business storage unit?

If you’re a business doing an office relocation, you’re likely to need a space to store general items including office furniture, IT equipment, documents, kitchen items etc. 

There are many uses for the business storage facilities we offer that suit numerous types of businesses including:

  • Retailers – Store excess stock or use it as a base for shipping your items.
  • Tradesmen – Store large tools and machinery that you don’t use on a day to day basis.
  • Hospitality / event businesses – Store tables, chairs, linen etc used for large functions.
  • Removal firms – Utilise the facilities for temporary storage for moves that can’t be completed in a single day.
  • Sports club organisers – Rent a storage unit in a central location to store your sports equipment.
  • Document storage & archiving – Keep all important documents safe, secure and out of the way. Are you aware HMRC makes it a legal requirement for UK companies to keep their financial records for at least six years?

Along with all the above uses, it’s said that having a clutter-free workplace provides a happier and more productive space for employees, as well as creating a nicer impression for visitors to your premises.

Have more questions that need answering? Phone our team on 01305 830000 for Weymouth or 01305 889777 for Dorchester. Alternatively, check out our blog Business Self Storage FAQ’s

Tips on packing and organising your storage space

You want things to be as easy as possible once you move into your new office, so ensuring you have stored the items in an organised manner is key. At Hogleaze Storage, we can provide you with all of the boxes, tapes and bubble wrap to help you pack things safely and in a logical way.

It’s important to label any boxes for easy access as it will help to identify the items you may need to access while it’s in storage. It’s a good idea to create a master contents list, and plan an organised layout for your storage unit. We’re also able to provide shelving to stack boxes if you require it. 

Packing & removal service

Did you know that Hogleaze Storage provides an all-one removals and storage solution? 

It can be a stressful time for even the most organised person, but by choosing an all-in-one service we can take everything out of your hands and provide a fully managed removals and storage solution in just a few quick steps.

At Hogleaze Storage, we can provide the packing materials, sort your insurance and move your belongings into one of our safe and secure business storage units. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver your stored items to your new address.  

With prices starting from just £395 (subject to T&Cs), you can rest assured that all your removal and storage needs will be met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What to look for in a storage facility

Easy access to your unit: We will provide you with a key fob that allows you to access your unit whenever you please during our flexible opening times. For those storing their items at our Dorchester site, that means you can access your unit 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  Our Weymouth self storage site is open 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am – 1:00pm Saturday and Sunday, which still allows for plenty of freedom to access your possessions. 

Security: At Hogleaze Storage we have alarmed sites with CCTV for maximum security, fob entry access, number plate recognition and insurance cover for stored goods.

Get in touch to book your business storage unit

To view any of our available units or to get your hands on a free quote, please call our Weymouth site on 01305 830000, or email For our Dorchester site, please call us on 01305 889777 or email

Alternatively, visit our contact page and fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch.

Types of Self Storage | Units, caravan & more…

Self storage solutions are essential for anyone looking to declutter their home or office, move house or downsize, or even to safely store away their campervan or classic car when they’re not in use. Additionally, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic many people including students are suddenly finding themselves needing to return home to study and work. In some cases, this has created an additional need for a short-term storage solution.

In any of these situations, it’s necessary to find a type of storage that is affordable, secure, easily accessible and the correct size for your individual needs. In this article, we take a look at the different types of self storage available, reveal why self storage may be the best solution for you, and breakdown the options available to you at Hogleaze Storage.

What types of self-storage are available?

There are many types of storage solutions available, each of which offers different benefits depending on what you are looking to store. Here we discuss the four most common types of self storage used today.


Container storage units such as shipping containers are usually found on large plots with security fencing around them. The space inside the shipping container itself is typically 150 square feet (in comparison, our largest self storage unit is 190 square feet). Whilst cheaper than some storage options, external containers are exposed to seasonal extremes of temperature and may be vulnerable to damp. Items such as paper, cardboard boxes, soft furnishings and precious memorabilia may not withstand these kinds of conditions. Any requirement to sort your goods will have to be done outside, so hope for dry weather!


Lockups are privately owned garages that are sub-let to individuals or businesses looking for additional storage space. They are often located on housing estates and are typically smaller than other storage options, often in the region of 124 square feet. Whilst lockups are generally accessible 24/7, there is often no additional security other than the padlock on the outside. This puts your items at a higher risk of theft and also exposes them to possible fire or flood damage from the surrounding built-up area.

Furniture Depositories

Some furniture removal companies offer storage as an additional service for people moving abroad or into rental accommodation for example. Typically, the amount of space will be plentiful, however accessing your belongings whenever you want may prove to be difficult or even impossible and you may end up being charged every time you want to visit your stored items.

Self storage units

Most people who store business or personal belongings need to retrieve their possessions regularly, and this is where self storage units are great. Conveniently located, self storage companies offer their clients a variety of options when it comes to visiting their sites. Whether it’s 7 days a week or 24/7 like our Dorchester site, rest assured that you can get your belongings at a time convenient to you. The added extra is that unlike other storage methods, self-storage companies usually have several layers of security too!

Why self storage units are the best choice…

We may be biased, but we think self storage is the best all-round solution for storage and we’ve got a CaSSOA Gold Award to prove it! Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Hogleaze self storage:


When it comes to keeping your personal belongings, business documents or vehicles safe, the security provisions in place at our self storage units are unparalleled. At Hogleaze, as well as being fully secure, our storage units are overseen by an on-site team. This means that not only is our focus on personal service, but your items are even more protected. On-site CCTV and licence plate recognition give extra layers of security.


Hogleaze has two self storage sites; one in Dorchester and one in Weymouth. Both sites are easily accessible but are also self-contained away from other houses or buildings. This means there is little to no risk of fire or flood damage from surrounding suburban areas. We offer access to your units 24/7 with a key fob at our Dorchester site and 7 days a week at our Weymouth site.


We have a wide choice of plots to suit both individuals and businesses including:

  • Vehicle storage (interior and exterior) at our Dorchester site – the ideal solution for storing your caravan, motorhome, vintage car or boats.
  • Domestic storage – the size of our domestic storage units range from 25 square ft floor area up to 190 square ft floor area. So, whether you’re looking to store just a few items or furniture from your entire house; we can help you find your perfect storage solution.
  • Business storage – our storage units are perfect for storing office documents, files and excess stock you wish to keep off-site but in a safe and easily accessible location.


Hogleaze Storage is a proud member of the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK) and as such, we exercise best practice and adhere to industry standards when it comes to storing our customers’ belongings.

As well as the benefits listed above, both our self storage sites offer the following:

  • Key fob entry access
  • Trolleys to make moving your belongings easy
  • CCTV & number plate recognition cameras for security
  • Storage boxes available on site
  • Insurance cover for stored goods
  • Contracts as short as one month
  • Discounted rates when storing for more than 6 months

Hogleaze Storage is a family-run business, and we strive to make our customers feel happy and valued. Simple things like ensuring we’re always at the end of the telephone and delivering on the promises we make; these are the foundations that we have built our established business on for the past 20 years. So, if you’re looking for reliable Dorset storage solutions at an affordable rate then you’ve come to the right place.

If you require help with your business, vehicle or domestic storage or you find you need more space the longer you work from home, contact Hogleaze Storage today to find out how we can help you. Our storage units come in different sizes, from as little as £33 per month, and we offer a zero deposit policy at both our Dorchester and Weymouth sites. See our price list for more details*.

Keep up-to-date with all our Coronavirus news on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

*Rates quoted are corrected as of 14.04.2020. However, please note prices are subject to change with prior notification. To check rates or make a booking please call 01305 889777.

Get your documents in order… Why choose document storage units in 2020?

In a world striving to be paperless, businesses are only too aware of the amount of paperwork that is still required to operate. Whether it’s accounting documents, physical records, or even stock, Hogleaze Storage solutions can provide a business storage unit perfect for archiving all business assets. Leading the way with document self storage facilities, Hogleaze Storage ensures that businesses in Dorchester and Weymouth keep offices and warehouses as paperless as possible

In this article, we explain the steps you can take to get your paperwork in order… 

Step 1 – Know what you need to keep 

With all the legislation around GDPR that came in last year, do you even know what details of your customers or clients you are meant to keep? A lot of this information is likely to be stored on a computer, but here are some documents you may need to keep hold of: 

  • VAT receipts and paperwork need to be held for 6 years
  • PAYE records should be kept for 3 years
  • Inland Revenue and taxation documents need to be kept for 6 years 
  • Company Records such as corporation tax self-assessment and accounting records must be retained for 6 years
  • Documents containing information that refers to a staff member should be kept for 20 years. 

Step 2 – Ditch some of your documents and recycle

You may not realise it, but you probably have a lot of paperwork that can simply be recycled or destroyed if it contains sensitive information. Do you really need those ticked off to-do lists from 2019 that are piling up on your desk?

Once you’ve got rid of the unnecessary paperwork, you can start to work out if you have enough space to store it yourself, or if you need to look into renting a document storage unit. 

Step 3 – Get your documents organised

So you’ve established what’s important and have come to the realisation that you simply don’t have space in your office, this is where we come in! 

Get yourself some large archive boxes and start to organise your paperwork into piles which you can label with the year it relates to or the type of documents that are within the box. 

Step 4 – Arrange your document storage 

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row, we can help you to arrange the best unit size for your archive boxes. Our document storage unit sizes range from 20 sq ft up to 200 sq ft, so we will be able to meet your needs. 

Step 5 – Get a quote for your storage unit 

We appreciate how many outgoings you will have as a business. If important paperwork and documents have taken over the staff room, or a hallway that is lined with archived files is commonplace then you will want to make sure you get the best value for money. Fear not… we price all our units competitively.

Whether temporary or long-term, Hogleaze Storage are leading by example compared with other document storage companies. Offering flexible access times at both our Weymouth and Dorchester sites, the well-kept and spacious business storage units boast onsite parking so that you can transport your business assets with convenience and ease door to door.

Hogleaze Storage has found by helping businesses free up space, companies have benefited from efficiently managing information growth, experienced increases in stock, staff and asset capacity and have even enabled quick recovery at point of disaster. By organising document storage so that it is outside of the workplace, the whole business can benefit from the additional space. 

To get you started, you can view our storage costs here >>

Contact Hogleaze Storage today

If you have an unloved office corner stocked high with documents and paperwork, or if you have had to resort to boxes under desks, free up your office space by speaking to Hogleaze about document storage units today. For even more information, be sure to check out our article about why you should choose Hogleaze Storage here >>

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Keep your home and belongings safe and secure, top tips from a Dorset storage company

In Dorset we are fortunate to be ranked as the 13th safest county in the country, however, it’s still good to be aware of what precautions you can take to make your home safer and how you can keep your belongings secure as we go into the new decade. 

Did you know that in 2018,  domestic burglaries in Dorset had gone up by more than 300% when compared to the previous 12 months?* 

In this article, we are going to touch on some of the steps you can take to make your home safer, which will include smart technology, Dorset storage options and small changes you can make to your lifestyle to err on the side of caution. 

Technology that will outsmart anyone who tries to get into your home 

With home automation all the rage at the moment, it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on the gadgets that really can make a difference to your home security. Unlike 10 years ago, they won’t break the bank either, so you can have peace of mind for just a small price. Here are just a few we would recommend… 

Smart home security systems

Security systems used to only be seen outside huge homes, they were expensive, hard to install and weren’t exactly ‘smart’. Nowadays, every home deserves this level of security and it is much cheaper than you may think to set up. 

A smart home security system may include some of the following features: 

  • Alarm system 
  • Motion detection 
  • Controlled through an app on your phone 
  • Live video feeds 
  • Sensors 

Wireless video doorbells

Technology now allows you to see exactly who is at your door or even near your home through a video doorbell app without the need for fiddly installation and wiring. Notifications will alert you when someone is there and will even record the action which you can save to your phone. If any suspicious activity is happening, they will immediately be caught on camera, regardless of where you are. 

You can even pick one of these up for less than £100! 

Smart lights

Most outdoor lights will activate when motion is detected, but you could also link up your interior and exterior lights with your smartphone. 

Take a few extra practical security measures

Put up deterrents and signs

Even if you don’t have extra security in place, burglars won’t know this, a simple deterrent sign could be enough to make them move on. 

Check windows, doors gates & garages 

It can be easy to just assume that you won’t be one of the unlucky ones, but a quick 2-minute check before you lock the front door can really help keep your possessions protected. 

Don’t leave expensive goods on display or in your front garden

This one is more important if you are going away on holiday for a period of time. Pack away your BBQ, and outside furniture and potentially close curtains or blinds into rooms such as your lounge so your TV is out of sight. 

Store away some of your belongings 

We are always looking to make extra space in our homes, and if you are guilty of having belongings in your home that you know would be better placed in a storage unit, then get in touch with Hogleaze Storage today to discuss your Dorset storage options. If you don’t want to risk leaving your valuables unattended when not in use, have you thought about a dedicated self storage unit? Popular items our customers choose to store with us include: 

  • Vintage and antique pieces 
  • Furniture 
  • Luggage 
  • Collectables 

At both our Dorset storage options, we offer various sized units to suit your budget and requirements, so whether you are looking for a short-term solution whilst you complete a home project, or a longer-term solution, you can rely on your local Weymouth storage or Dorchester storage site to keep your belongings safe.

Here are some quick links to some useful pages: 

Get in contact with our storage experts today by calling us on 01305 830000 (Weymouth) or 01305 889777 (Dorchester). We can discuss all your Dorset storage options, as well as helping you to find a unit that is perfect for your needs.


Wine storage – How to look after your best booze

With Christmas over for another year, you may find you have a few extra bottles left behind after the festive season. But, is your wine collection getting too large for you to handle? 

If you don’t have space for a dedicated wine storage rack and there’s no cellar in sight, have you considered storing some of those precious bottles at a self storage unit? Whilst our sites are not equipped for specialist wine storage, we do have wine resellers storing with us and also pub owners with excess stock.

You may have visions of grandeur when you think of a wine storage unit, but actually, this doesn’t have to be the case. Even small amounts of wine should be carefully considered when it comes to storing. For many connoisseurs looking for a suitable option, you may have thousands of pounds worth of the wine in your collection, and you won’t be doing it any favours if you don’t store it in the appropriate way. Here are our top tips for storing your best booze, whether that’s at a self storage unit or at home… #

1.Have you considered the temperature? 

Having the optimum room temperature is quite possibly the most important element to consider when it comes to storing your wine properly. Simply put, the cooler the room, the longer your wine will last, a warm room will age it considerably quicker and leads it to being undrinkable.

You’re likely to have your heating ramped up over 20 degrees at this time of year, which could do some serious damage!  

2. Wine flourishes in darkness 

Wine cellars are usually within the basement of a house for this exact reason, and have you ever considered why some expensive wines are boxed or pre-wrapped when you purchase them?

UV rays from the sun can damage the wine and spoil the aroma, whilst wine bottles are designed to offer some UV protection, this isn’t enough if it’s left in direct sunlight.  

3. Wine should be kept on its side 

Why do you ask? Well, a wine bottle that is kept upright stops the contact between the wine and the cork. By keeping it on its side, you are keeping the cork nice and moist reducing the chances of it shrinking and allowing oxygen to enter the bottle. 

Why is oxygen bad for my wine?

When too much oxygen comes into contact with your wine, a process called oxidation occurs. This is when oxygen reacts with compounds within the wine, producing off-flavours and aromas and resulting in browning of the wine. Although desirable for the likes of an Oloroso sherry or Tawny port, for most wines, too much oxygen contact spells disaster! 

4. Is your collection safe and secure? 

If you have a big wine collection, it’s probably worth quite a bit too. Not properly storing your wine could mean it’s not safe either and it may not always be accounted for in your insurance documents. By placing your wine in a self storage unit, you can rest assured it will be looked after and all the insurance will be sorted. 

Wine storage isn’t just for collectors, are you a bar or restaurant looking to store your wine? 

For many restaurateurs, it can be a struggle to find the space for all the alcohol you will need to have on standby, especially during this busy Christmas time. It might also be the case that and buying in bulk can save you a lot of money, so now it’s just a case of finding somewhere for it go. 

For booze that can be kept more than a few weeks, having a self storage wine unit can become a real space saver, and with the discounts you will be saving by buying in bulk, really it’s a win-win situation. With our self storage units being close to both Dorchester and Weymouth, we are well-positioned to safely store your wine until you need to replenish your stock. 

You can read our prices for storage units here, or get in contact here

Why choose Hogleaze for wine storage? 

With hundreds of units across our 2 locations in Weymouth in Dorchester, we have plenty of various options that are perfectly suited to look after your booze. 

Each unit is: 

  • Monitored with CCTV 
  • Flexible access, with 24/7 entry at our Dorchester site with the use of a key fob and everyday access at Weymouth. 

Contact Hogleaze today… 

If a storage unit for your wine seems like a suitable option, get in contact with our storage experts by contacting us here, or calling Weymouth on 01305 830000 or our Dorchester site on 01305 889777

How to make the best use of our household storage units

Already thinking of how you can make some changes in 2020? With New Year just around the corner, many of us will be creating some resolutions, which often involve getting more organised and sorting our the home. 

Whether you need to store your Christmas tree somewhere whilst you sort out your loft, or those new toys for the kids are cluttering up the hallway, it’s out with the old and in with the new meaning now could be a good time to look at household storage units. 

But, before you commit to booking self storage units, have you thought about how you can make the best use of them and potentially save yourself some money? Here are our top tips… 

Be brutal before storing

So many people we talk to end up storing belongings that they won’t ever use again or need, but just keep ‘for the sake of it’ or because they’re a secret hoarder – do you really still need that TV from 2005 when you’ve just got a shiny new smart TV? 

This is a great time to be a bit brutal with your possessions, you could either give some to charity, sell them, or as a last resort head to your local tip. Then once the culling is complete, you’ll have a better sense of how much you need to store in your unit. 

Read our article on how to become a minimalist which will give you some more useful tips >> 

Choose the correct self storage unit size

Household storage at Hogleaze

One thing you don’t want to happen is that you choose your storage unit size, start filling it up and then realise you could have opted for one half the size, or on the other end of the spectrum, it’s far too small and you have to rent another one! 

At Hogleaze Storage, we offer many different sized units across both our sites so you can store your belongings with ease. These include:  

  • 25 sq ft – size of a cupboard
  • 35 sq ft
  • 50 sq ft –  size of a small bedroom
  • 65 sq ft
  • 75 sq ft – size of half a single garage
  • 100 sq ft
  • 150 sq ft – the size of a single garage
  • 200 sq ft – the size of a small double garage

If you are unsure what size is best for you, get in touch with our team who will be able to advise by contacting us here >> 

Know how long you plan to store for

In many cases when looking for household storage units, you will find that you can bag yourself a discount when you store for a certain length of time. Whilst it’s not feasible for some of us to know how long to store for and a rolling contract might be the best option, others may know they want to store for 6 months + or maybe a year or more if you are moving abroad or for extended travelling periods.

Here at Hogleaze, we offer flexible storing contracts for long and short term rentals. 

Get the right packing materials

You want to make use of every bit of space you can get to within your household storage unit, so packing your belongings properly is a good place to start. 

  1. Buy plenty of boxes and pack items carefully to save space. Make sure the boxes are full as this will also allow you to stack the packed boxes much more easily so you can take advantage of the height of your unit too. 
  2. Utilise your items to store other smaller items – if you’re storing a wardrobe, dresser, or desk, use the space inside so you’re not wasting any precious sq ft. 
  3. Label your boxes – if you have fragile items, you want to make sure you don’t overload those boxes, so leave them till last and make sure they’re labelled. 

Did you know we can supply packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape? Just ask our storage experts when you enquire for a price list.  

Store sensibly 

A popular reason for requiring household storage units is due to home renovations, but it can be a real nightmare if you put your sofa at the back of your unit only to realise 2 months later you need to get just that item out. Think about the items you will need to collect first, and pack your unit in the right order to save yourself the hassle. 

Speak to an expert 

If you have questions about our self storage units and how to best store your household belongings, firstly take a look at our FAQ page

If you still need questions answered, speak to our team at either our Weymouth site on 01305 830000 or at our Dorchester site on 01305 889777. We have become the experts at estimating the size of the unit you will require.

Space-saving storage ideas for your home and business: how to become a minimalist

With social media taking over and the likes of Instagram and Pinterest being our go-to online decor magazines, many of us find ourselves scrolling through endless images of perfectly styled homes and tidy offices. These immaculate rooms are not always realistic, as family life takes over, the idea of having the ‘perfect’ home can become a bit of a pipe dream, plus who’s desk is really that decluttered? 

However, if you want to take a step in the right direction to becoming a minimalist and getting that ‘Insta-worthy’ home or office, take a look at our top space-saving self storage Dorset ideas in this article. 

Change your mindset

In many cases, you’ll find it hard to change your organising and tidying behaviours because it’s not within your normal routine. Maybe you have a busy household or you simply just don’t have the time? If this is the case, it can be helpful to write down a list of priorities, speak to your family about the new lifestyle so you’re all in it together and also understand why you want to make this change. 

  • Are you making room for something new?
  • Is your family expanding so you need the additional space? 
  • Maybe you’re downsizing your home in the near future? (Don’t forget to take a look at our moving home article, here.) 
  • Or, are you just sick of the clutter?

Whatever your reasoning, understanding the need for a minimalist home means you’re ahead of most people, you’ll soon realise those simple activities such as filing paperwork or folding away your clothes immediately after they are washed and dried will happen automatically.  

Stop the hoarding 

Whether its old clothes you haven’t fit into for a few years, a magazine from 5 years ago, or business receipts that you really could recycle, we’re all guilty of not letting go of some of these items, but do you really need them anymore? 

Domestic storage

As tidying and organising guru, Marie Kondo would tell you, if it doesn’t spark joy or have a purpose, get rid of it. This is a really great mantra to organise by, and you will quickly realise that you have a lot of ‘things’ that serve no real function.

You’ll soon find you have a pile of stuff you can chuck or even better, sell or give to charity. So, not only will you be freeing up space, but you could make some extra money or do a good deed too. 

Tackle it room-by-room 

Many of us will avoid a spring clean at any time of the year because it seems like too much of a daunting task, but by tackling each room at a time you can spread the load and do it in your own bitesize chunks. 

Let’s take the office as an example, do you walk in and see paperwork piled high? Getting better business storage can really de-stress your work life. In many cases, you may need to keep these important documents for many years, but having them stored in some kind of order will make it much easier to access when you need them again. 

Alternatively, could you consider moving all this paperwork onto a cloud-based system? Reduced amounts of paperwork, far more space and there’s no chance of it going missing. It’s a win-win, but can be quite pricey! 

Out of sight, out of mind

Once you’ve discarded the unnecessary possessions, next you will need to find a home for the ones you want to still keep. In many cases, your home can seem cluttered purely because possessions are not stored away properly, maybe they are piled in the corner of a room, or stuffed in a drawer that’s frankly far too busy. It’s also worth taking a look in your loft, shed, and garage, as these are places where hoarding can become a little out of control.

New storage doesn’t need to be expensive… a quick trip to your local DIY or home shop and you can up pick up plenty of boxes, or even a new cupboard. Once your items have a home, your floor space will be cleared and it will seem much tidier. 

If your home simply cannot occupy your items, you will need to think of a longer-term solution, which is where self storage or business storage comes in. We understand that your space is valuable, so fill your home and office with the things you love and choose a Dorset storage solution that can look after your belongings for you. 

Contact Hogleaze for those bigger storage projects… 

Some items, such as books, valuables, or vintage pieces that mean a lot to you, won’t be used often but still need looking after. Before you take on your minimalist lifestyle, these would be the things that clutter your home. Hogleaze is well equipped to look after these for you, with our range of self storage Dorset sites, and differently sized units to suit everyone. 

Whether you have a collection of vintage bikes that are making their way into your hallway, or your business needs to reduce paperwork as you recognise it’s a safety hazard, contact our storage experts today by calling us in Weymouth on 01305 830000 or Dorchester on 01305 889777, alternatively, contact us here.  

Don’t forget, for more tips on becoming a minimalist, moving home, or storing your possessions, follow us on Facebook here. You can also see what other homeowners and business owners have said about our Dorset storage units by checking out our reviews >> 

Looking for local business self storage? Why you should choose Hogleaze Storage

Often when people think of self storage they assume it is mainly for personal use, to store unwanted household items, or your furniture whilst you move. However, businesses of all types and sizes are now opting to use self storage for various reasons. 

In this article, we cover what business storage is, why you might need it, and how Hogleaze Storage can help you find the best storage solution for your needs. 

What is business storage?

Business self storage is a system where owners rent units to store their goods remotely, typically when they do not have the space to do so in their own premises. These can be rented long or short term and can be due to a number of reasons. 

Why would businesses need self storage?

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why a business might consider self storage. These may include: 

  • Saving office space – employees might find it hard to concentrate at work if the office is crowded and untidy. It might be sensible to have a clear-out and store goods or paperwork that you don’t need on a regular basis in a storage unit. 
  • Storing stock – business self storage is particularly useful if you have excess stock. This could be anything from slow-moving or bulky stock, to exhibition and trade show stands. 
  • Keeping items safe – although your work premise might be secure, self storage units offer state-of-the-art security, with CCTV cameras. Insurance is also available, which will help ensure your items are protected.
  • Cutting costs – space can be expensive to rent, especially if you’re renting somewhere large enough to home all your stock and paperwork. Business storage could free up more space for you to downsize your office, warehouse or retail space, saving you money in the long-run. 
  • Convenience – some storage facilities will be open 24/7 which means you can access your storage unit whenever your business requires. Self storage can also be very flexible in allowing you to rent short or long term. 
  • Document storage – with so many regulations around keeping personal data safe and secure, documents can take up a lot of space in an office. We have dedicated units for document storage which include racks to make it easy to see your paperwork. Learn more here.
Local business self storage | Hogleaze News

Benefits of business self storage from Hogleaze Storage

If you’ve decided that your business could benefit from self storage, why don’t you let Hogleaze Storage help you? 

Established in 2000, we have grown into a fully-fledged provider of high quality self storage units, which are perfect for business or personal use. Some of the benefits we offer our clients include: 

  • Alarmed sites with CCTV and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) for maximum security
  • Purpose-built, insulated buildings that are clean and well lit
  • Easy access to your unit
  • Racks suitable for document storage
  • Insurance cover for stored goods to keep your items fully protected
  • Trolleys to make moving your goods easy
  • Storage boxes and packing materials to help you pack your items safely
  • All in one storage and removal option
  • We are a member of the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK)
  • There’s no need to book an appointment with us, just drop in during our business hours for advice

“I can’t recommend Hogleaze Storage enough, I’ve rented units twice for a total of over a year. You can visit your unit at any time, no appointment needed. I’ve often needed access to my belongings urgently and have visited Hogleaze at 10pm and even 2am with no problem at all. Very clean and secure, good prices, and very pleasant staff. A+”


How much is business storage? 

Our prices will depend on the length of time and the size of the storage unit needed. Our units vary in size from 25 square ft to 190 square ft floor area. Because of this, it’s best to give us a call so we can give you a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us here >>

Book business self storage today 

Booking business storage is easy with Hogleaze Storage, simply fill in the form on the right outlining your storage requirements, and one of our team will be in touch with a quote. Or give us a call on 01305 889777

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and storage offers and deals. 

Fantastic value, easy and secure.

Fantastic value, easy and secure. Would not hesitate to use again if needed.

Alex Davies Weymouth Self Storage
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Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years…

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years I have seen great improvements made to the facilities. It is a really good storage area offering very secure facilities for whatever your storage needs.
Jan Hankin Dorchester Self Storage
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My second time of using Hogleaze for storage.

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage. Friendly, accommodating and efficient. Easy access and secure. Everything you need. Thank you.

Richard Allen Dorchester Self Storage
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Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. 

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. Clean, bright and modern storage with easy access at any time. Trolleys provided for moving your items. Very reasonable costs.
Bronwen James Dorchester Self Storage
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Found the facility to be safe and secure

I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.
Peter Lewis Dorchester Self Storage
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Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Having never used self storage before your help was much appreciated. I would certainly use your facility again when there is a need. I would also recommend your company to others.

Bob Malone Dorchester Self Storage
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Excellent facilities.

Excellent facilities. Gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Peter Bachrach Dorchester Self Storage
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Very secure.

We used Hogleaze Storage for nearly 1 year excellent faculties and all storage units very secure and high standard. Staff always friendly and happy to help. Would highly recommend them!

Claire Beaumont Self Storage
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Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage.

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage. Really good rates, clean and light building with easy access. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks Hogleaze Storage!

‎Rob Hodgkinson‎ Self Storage
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I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have.

It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the Caravan in to secure storage. I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have. I received your welcome letter yesterday and have set up the standing order for the 1st July and then to continue at the begin of each month thereafter.

Thank you once again.

Kirston Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
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I would recommend Hogleaze Storage to anyone thinking of storing their possessions

It has been a most enjoyable experience entrusting Hogleaze Storage Ltd with my furniture, household and personal possessions, since August 2012.

It was good to meet Shelley, her helpful and friendly demeanor, nothing was too much – she even brought along bolt cutters in case I could not open the padlock on the shutter doors. She was happy to show Gentleman Removals and myself the way.

The service has been excellent throughout the seven years, with up-to-date monthly invoices and security information – thoughtful and caring – all my possessions including the ones I did not know I had stored in the unit, were intact and working.

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage Ltd to anyone thinking of storing their household, office and personal possessions, whether short or long-term. The location is worth a visit on its own, the site is safe and secure, clean and accessible 24/7.

Simon Dorchester Self Storage
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The storage facilities are amazing!

Mr Evans caravan Vehicle Storage
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Using Hogleaze again

We are very pleased with the service and will be using Hogleaze again at some point!

Mr Stein Self Storage
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I have been delighted with the facilities provided and I’m sure I’ll be using Hogleaze again!

Mr Walsh Self Storage
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Excellent storage facilities

Hogleaze has excellent storage facilities which are also impressive both from a security and cleanliness point of view

Ms Maskall caravan Vehicle Storage
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A great experience

I have had a great experience with Hogleaze’s storage services and would recommend to anyone

Mr Huxford Self Storage
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A pleasure

It’s been a pleasure using your great facilities

Mr Beaumont Self Storage
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Recommended secure storage

I would recommend you to any people looking for secure strorage

Mr Graff Self Storage
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Thank you

I would like to thank you for the good service we have received whilst storing our caravan with you

Mr Bosley caravan Vehicle Storage
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Enjoyed the services

We have enjoyed the services at your storage facility and will hopefully be returning to you again in the future

Mr and Mrs Marsden Self Storage
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