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Clearing out your storage unit… top tips from Hogleaze Storage

You may have plans to try and clear out your storage space in the New Year to allow extra room for new belongings, or maybe you want to do a stock check of what’s been left in your storage unit, especially if you’ve been renting yours for years. Did you know the longest-standing storer we have at Hogleaze has been here for a total of 15 years?

Whatever your reasons are, it’s important to clear out your storage unit in a methodical way. We’ve seen many people come and go, so here are some of our top tips for clearing out your unit.

Decide on the purpose for your clear-out

  • When deciding to clear out your unit, most of our customers fit into one of these categories:
  • You’re relocating and need a storage unit closer to home
  • You need to fill your unit with different belongings from your home
  • You are downsizing or upsizing your unit
  • You’ve decided to sell some of your belongings within the unit
  • Your unit was only a short term requirement for a house move

It may be a big job, so you need to be ready and set the time aside knowing what your end goal is!

Start with a stock take

Do you even realise what you’ve been hoarding in your storage unit? In some cases, people just keep filling their unit higher and higher until there’s no space left, which can lead to things being forgotten about.

By doing a stocktake of every item, big and small, you can easily refer back to it and remove or sell if needs be.

Prepare the right kit for your clearout

Here are a few items we would suggest you take with you to make your clearout as stress-free and easy as possible:

  • New boxes – you may want to move some possessions into new boxes if they are looking a bit tatty.
  • Labels – did you rush the moving in process and forget to label? We would recommend labelling everything!
  • Pen for writing labels
  • Rubbish bags
  • Scissors and tape
  • Cleaning equipment

Categorise your belongings (and be brutal)

If you have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your unit, we would recommend categorising your belongings, for example:

  • Large goods
  • Small belongings
  • Antiques
  • Items of sentimental value
  • Items of high value etc

Whilst doing your stocktake, you also need to be brutally honest with yourself about what you can keep and what you can chuck in the bin (or you could take some stuff to the charity shop).

Something you may have thought you wanted to keep 5 years ago may not have the same emotional or sentimental value or may have decreased so much in physical value it’s not worth keeping.

Can anything be sold?

There are some great, fairly new apps and selling sites that allow you to sell your second-hand furniture, antiques, electronics or clothing quickly and with little to no selling fees. Simply snap a picture, upload and await the offers to come in! Here are some we would recommend:

  • Facebook Marketplace – this allows you to super easily add products with no fees, it’s best for local sales, but you can offer delivery if you’re happy to do this.
  • Gumtree – a site that’s been around for a while now, but is still a popular option, especially for larger goods such as furniture.
  • eBay – anything and everything can go on here and lets you reach a wide audience from all across the country.
  • Vinted & Depop – these are great apps for those wishing to sell clothing, in particular designer or vintage items.

Make some space

Even if you only have a small unit, it’s good to have a central space in your unit so you are able to see everything in there, that way things don’t just get pushed to the back never to be seen again. Having a little rejig can make this quite a simple job, you could also consider adding shelving into your unit to make everything a bit more accessible.

Bring in the cavalry

If you see this as too big of a job to handle yourself, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family yourself, you could even make a bit of fun out of it and start auctioning off your belongings (or just giving them away if you’re feeling generous).

Contact Hogleaze Storage

Did you know that we also have storage boxes and packaging materials that you can purchase from reception? We can also provide trolleys to make it easier for you to get to and from your vehicle whilst clearing out your unit.

If you need to discuss storage options with us simply give us a call on 01305 889777 for Dorchester or email OR for Weymouth 01305 830000 or email

Local companies that use our business storage units in Dorset

Self storage isn’t just for those moving home or who have hoarded a few too many personal belongings, it’s also the ideal solution for many businesses. 

At Hogleaze Storage, we’ve found business self storage units to be a very popular option with local companies, and have seen this side of our business grow rapidly over the last few years. Read on to see the types of businesses we work with, and the advantages of business storage solutions.

Firstly, why would a business need self storage?

There are many reasons that local companies cross the Hogleaze Storage entrance gates, just a few of which include:

  • Allowing for more space in their office / business premises
  • Storing business furniture or stock during a renovation or move
  • Holding seasonal stock
  • Storing documents that need to be kept, but aren’t needed day-to-day

Do you think that business self storage could be useful for your organisation? Why not contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a wide range of storage unit sizes and flexible hire periods to suit most business needs.

Who is business self storage suited for?

The answer is… Almost any business! However here are just a few examples of our past and present business self storage clients:


The hospitality industry is extremely fast-paced, so the last thing a restaurant owner needs is to be tripping over excess stock or furniture. Here’s where business storage becomes worth its weight in gold.  A few reasons restaurants choose to store with us include:

  • Storing extra tables and chairs (particularly when social distancing needed to be implemented between tables). 
  • Not yet having a business premises firmed up so needing to store all the essentials somewhere safe.
  • Storing long-life food in a clean/ dry premise. 
  • Even wine storage!


Office moves and renovations mean that all of a sudden you have a lot of furniture with nowhere to call home. A business storage unit offers you a short or long term solution. 

We also find document storage very popular, especially in the case of certain data that needs to be kept for a number of years but that doesn’t need to take up important space in your office. Storing in a purpose-built facility such as Hogleaze Storage also ensures that these documents are protected from the elements, with all of our units being kept clean and secure. 

Local retailers

Whatever a shop sells, there’s going to be a likelihood of needing extra space for stock. This might be because certain items are seasonal (such as summer garden furniture or Christmas items), or simply because you’d prefer to never be caught short of stock. 

Examples of retailers that could benefit from a business storage unit include:

  • Sports equipment stores – our units are ideal for kayaks, paddleboards and surfboards.
  • Hardware stores – think bulky building equipment, DIY tools, aggregates and more.
  • Furniture stores – many of our units can hold houses-worth of belongings, so tables, beds, drawers and more will easily fit.

Contact our business storage experts

Think that you could benefit from business stock storage? Get in touch today for a no obligation quote. We have various sized business storage units in our Weymouth self storage and Dorchester self storage facilities.

As well as some of the advantages mentioned above, by choosing Hogleaze Storage you also benefit from:

  • Easy access to your unit with convenient opening hours 
  • Secure premises
  • Your own personal key fob (Dorchester only)
  • CCTV monitoring and licence plate recognition technology for added security
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to trolleys, lifts and even boxes and packing materials.

If the above sounds good, please feel free to call us at Dorchester on 01305 889777 and at Weymouth on 01305 830000.

Packing away your summer belongings… what type of storage you may need

The summer of 2021 came around and went pretty fast (despite the majority of us staying put in the UK since the beginning of 2020!). After speaking with many of our customers, it sounds like we all managed to make the most of it and enjoy what the Great British weather had in store for us. 

So now summer is over for another year, we thought we would take a look into what people are storing with us, and what type of storage solution we would recommend. 

Watersports equipment 

Paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, oars, wetsuits and everything else that you have to trawl down to the beach or harbour every time… Being this active is exhausting, right? 

And now you have to find a home for all of it until next May time when it all starts again.  

Our medium-sized storage units are plenty big enough to hold a range of different watersports equipment and are available at both our storage site locations. Looking for storage for sports equipment? Get in touch today.

Caravans and motorhomes

Unless you’re a hardcore motorhome/caravan enthusiast, chances are your pride and joy sits at home on your drive for a lot of the year and just makes its appearance during sunny weekends away throughout summer. 

Whilst motorhomes are definitely not an eyesore, they are big, and that driveway space is precious nowadays. Plus, you don’t want to be leaving it out on the road if you can avoid it! 

When storing your motorhome or caravan with Hogleaze Storage, you will have peace of mind that it will be in safe hands. We have indoor and outdoor plots at our Dorchester site, all of which are approximately 3 metres wide and 8 metres long. 

Glamping and camping ‘stuff’

If you’re an avid camper you’ll know how much stuff you really need to take. Even if it’s just a long weekend trip, it can look like you packed for a 2 week holiday abroad. There’s tents, camping chairs, portable stove, battery packs, blankets, heaters, board games, air beds and sleeping bags (just to name a few things).

As well as saving space at home, keeping these belongings in a storage unit over winter can ensure that all this stuff doesn’t get damp or bitten away by mice in your garage. One of our smaller storage units up to 50 Sq Ft is a great alternative. You won’t have that last-minute fear that you’ll put your tent up with a huge hole right in the middle! 

Outdoor furniture & BBQs

Not enough garage space? Outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs, sun loungers, other patio furniture, BBQs (or maybe that pizza oven you didn’t get much use out of) can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Quite frankly you will have probably only used it for about 2 or 3 months of the year. No fear, a storage option is here! 

Our medium storage units are around the size of a single garage (75 – 100 Sq Ft) and are a good size for a typical two-bedroom home.

Your summer wardrobe 

Are you one of those people that has a (slightly unhealthy) obsession with your wardrobe, but don’t have the space for your seasonal items to be hanging around? A smaller storage unit could be the answer. 

Storing your clothes in a garage or similar can lead to them becoming damp and subsequently ruined, so a storage unit is a great option. 

Our storage units start from 25 Sq Ft which coincidently is the perfect size for a small walk-in wardrobe. 

Ready to sign on the dotted line?

Whether you are looking for a small 25 Sq Ft unit or the biggest we have at 150 Sq Ft, we are sure to find the perfect solution for your summer belongings. 

We have storage sites at both Dorchester and Weymouth in Dorset. We always try to accommodate people, but if we don’t have availability you can always join our waiting list and we will be in touch with you. 

For Weymouth self storage call our Weymouth branch on 01305 830000, and for Dorchester self storage call us on 01305 889777. If you are looking for vehicle storage, please call our Dorchester branch on 01305 889777

Don’t forget, no deposit is required, so start storing today!

The telltale signs that you need a storage unit… ASAP!

Unsure if you need a storage unit in your life, keep putting it off, or don’t think it’s quite ‘necessary’ (trust us, if you’re reading this article, you probably already know you need one). If you need some convincing that a storage unit is the right solution for you, have a read of this article and see if you fit into any of these categories. 

Your garage is bursting at the seams 

Gone are the days when garages are actually used to store your car. In most cases they are now the home of garden tools, outside furniture, your tumble dryer, old paint pots (that you feel totally acquired to keep just in case one day you feel the need to ‘touch up the hallway’), mountains of bikes, kid’s toys, sports equipment and more. 

Whether your garage has some kind of order, or it’s a complete jumble sale, could some of these items be better placed in a storage unit to come back to in the future? 

Your spare room has turned into a dumping ground 

You started with great intentions for your spare room, you’d have a constant stream of visitors staying over, and always keep it tidy and up together (much like a hotel room, with choccys on the pillows). Then one day you cleared out your wardrobe and chucked your unwanted clothes in there, then you bought a new sofa and the old one ended up in the spare room of doom too… a year later it’s full to the brim and uncontrollable. We know the feeling, but you can get back from this! 

You have a big life milestone coming up 

Moving house, starting university, having a baby – these are all occasions that are going to cause a lot of ‘stuff’ to build up in your home, before it gets out of control… store it! 

Whether you are making room for your new arrival and need that extra double bed to be out of sight, out of mind, or you’re downsizing and not sure what you want to keep just yet, this all calls for a flexible storage solution.   

You have plans for redecorating or renovation

Making changes to your home can be a little stressful at the best of times, with tradesmen in and out, dust sheets covering your home and paint brushes filling up the sink, it’s always a little easier to start with a clean slate. 

By putting your large furniture pieces into storage, such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, and TV’s, you’re avoiding breakages and making more space for the renovations to take place.  

Your driveway is looking a bit like a game of Tetris 

You may be surprised to hear that the average number of cars per household in the UK in 2021 is 1.2, and with more houses being built, and less having those huge driveways, off road car parking is looking pretty sparse.  

So, if you’re a bit of a car fanatic, or have recently purchased a caravan or motorhome, you may find it difficult to keep those vehicles parked. Plus, if they’re your pride and joy, you want to keep them scuff and bump free! 

Car storage and caravan/motorhome storage is becoming increasingly popular. With wide bays, inside and outside options, your vehicles will be in safe hands. 

Your business is rapidly expanding

With the end of this pandemic in sight, there has been a huge change for all industries in terms of the way business works, and for many, it’s now just starting to pick up. 

Whether it’s storage for physical stock or you’re looking for document storage, business storage units can free up some space and allow you to look at the bigger picture. Smashing your business goals on the way! 

Did you fit into any of these categories?

If any of this sounds a bit familiar, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to the best of us. But what you must know is that self storage can and will help you! 

Whether it’s long term or short term, large or small, a clearer home or business is a clearer mind. 

Learn more about our self storage and vehicle storage and get in contact with us for a quote. We get very full (despite having over 400 units) so if you are thinking ahead, you can always book in advance. 

Call us at Dorchester on 01305 889777 or Weymouth on 01305 830000, alternatively, send us an email on

How to make moving day less stressful

Did you know that July and August are the most popular months to move house in the UK? And if we’re drilling down to the exact day, it’s the last Friday in August! With this in mind, we thought we would share our top tips to make your moving day a little less stressful, calm and simple as possible. 

As a large storage company in Dorset, we talk to our fair share of homemovers, so we’ve seen house moves of every size, from small 1 bedroom apartments to 5 bedroom mansions.  At the end of the day, your moving day should follow a few simple rules regardless. 

Preparation is key

If you’ve previously moved before, you’ll know that unfortunately moving house in the UK doesn’t always go as planned. But if you can prepare for every eventuality you’ll be putting yourself in the best position. 

Keep a folder of all the house moving documents

Moving house comes with a lot of paperwork – from solicitors, estate agents and mortgage companies.  Keep everything in one folder (ideally with sections for each!) so it’s all easily accessible for when you need it.  Keep it at the ready on moving day in case you need any of it.

Start packing early

Realistically, you don’t want to wait until the exchange of contracts to start packing up your possessions, especially if you’re packing up 20 years worth of belongings. We know some people say it’s tempting fate by starting early, but it will make moving week much easier. 

Label everything

And we mean everything, from the box of fancy dress clothes that have been in the loft, to your special china that no one actually uses, labelling your boxes saves tons of time. 

We recommend writing on each box: Room | Items | Fragile / Not Fragile 

Pull in the cavalry

Firstly, we would suggest you get your children (and/or pets) looked after for the day if possible, keeping them occupied is then one less thing you need to worry about. 

Next up, get a few close family members or friends to help with the move, simply moving boxes in and out can be pretty exhausting if you don’t have support.  They can also help with cleaning duties at both properties.

Top tip: Ask the buyers, or the estate agent to leave a little list behind with some key information, such as when bin day is, what keys are for what door, how the heating or alarm works etc. This will make everything much more manageable for you. 

Create an essentials box 

The last thing you want to happen is that you get your keys to your new home, start moving in and then realise some items you NEED are just nowhere to be seen. Create a moving day essentials box, we’d recommend the following: 

  • Toilet roll 
  • Tea / Coffee / milk and a few mugs 
  • Chargers
  • Biscuits and snacks 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Change of clothes 

Top tip: Take a photo of the back of your TV unit and wifi box, there are so many cables that you may not know where each one goes when you get to your new home. 

Try not to do too much

As long as you’re out of your old home, and have done a triple check (don’t forget the loft) of that house, take your time to move into your new one. 

Try to enjoy the process as much as possible, crank up the party tunes, pop open the bubbles and once you’re done for the day, find your local takeaway and relax… don’t forget the hard part is done now, you’ve got your keys you can celebrate! 

Book help if you need it

Not everyone is in the position to move their belongings straight into their new home, or maybe you want to buy new furniture but haven’t arranged for your old beds and sofas to be sold yet.  You may also decide to re carpet or paint before you move everything in – it’s far easier without all the furniture in.

Having a storage unit ready to move some of your possessions into can just take a weight off your shoulders. 

At Hogleaze Storage we work with a local moving company, so we can pick up your stuff, and bring it here without having to burden you whatsoever. 

Get in touch with Hogleaze Storage 

Hopefully, this article has eased your mind a little bit about the prospect of moving house soon. If you are looking for a storage unit, we have storage facilities in Weymouth and Dorchester. Give us a call on 01305 889777 (Dorchester) or 01305 830000 (Weymouth). 

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Top tips for storing valuables in a storage unit

At Hogleaze Storage, we see a wide range of items being left in our Dorset storage units. From sentimental pieces to higher worth items like antiques and furniture – we’ve seen it all! 

With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with some top tips for storing your valuables. 

Label everything and keep a record of it 

Regardless of which valuables you are storing, for peace of mind when you come to take it out of your unit, labelling everything is essential. It will allow you to also know what items will be fragile as well, avoiding any breakages along the way! 

Before you fill up your storage unit, it’s important to also make an inventory of what is being stored. This way you will have documented every item and won’t have to worry about forgetting where you’ve put it.

Protect those precious antiques

A very common item to be stored at Hogleaze Storage is antiques, as many people don’t want to sell them but just don’t have  space in their home anymore. 

Fortunately, by storing these valuables in a secure storage unit, you can be rest assured that you won’t have any damp problems, which is a frequent issue people can get when storing antiques in garages, sheds or outhouses. 

Antiques come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important you protect them as best as you can: 

  • Use cardboard corners – these are handy for sharp breakable objects such as mirrors or units 
  • Use bubble wrap for smaller items 
  • Cover with sheets or fabric covers to avoid scratches, bumps, bruises and further damage
  • Box ‘em up! 

Keep your storage unit and valuables clean

The last thing you want to do is get your valuables dirty or ruined when moving them from your home into your unit. 

Some items, such as books, need to be kept dust free to preserve them, you especially don’t want a case of mould building up on your precious items. A quick dust around your unit every now and then can make a big difference. 

Remember: Don’t use harsh chemicals on valuables as this can tarnish them. 

Make full use of your storage space 

You want to make sure you make use of every inch of your unit whilst still making sure it’s accessible and has been stacked safely to ensure breakables or valuables stay intact. 

So whether you have a 25sqft or 150sqft space to play with, think carefully about your storage stacking:

  • Stack longer items such as mirrors horizontally to avoid them falling over 
  • Stack similar sized items on top of each other 
  • Don’t try a balancing act just to get more in your unit, know when enough is enough
  • Consider if you will need to access items at the back, make a small galley if your unit is big enough
  • Use boxes to avoid things falling over 
  • Use the labelling technique we mentioned earlier 
  • Ensure all boxes to be stacked are full, especially when storing books

Check the security of your storage unit

When choosing somewhere to store your valuables, your first thought will probably be ‘are my valuables safe?’ Hogleaze Storage puts the safety of your items first with the following measures: 

  • CCTV cameras 
  • Key fob entry 
  • Surveillance 
  • Alarmed entry 
  • Number plate recognition on entry 
  • Insurance for your goods stored can be arranged 

Contact Hogleaze Storage for your storage units

Hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought when it comes to keeping your valuables safe in a storage unit. 

For more tips and advice, follow us on Facebook, alternatively, for a free storage unit quote, get in touch with our Dorchester team on 01305 889777 or Weymouth on 01305 830000

Top tips for reopening your business after lockdown

It’s safe to say that most businesses, large or small, have been affected by lockdown in one way or another. Whether you’ve had to take your business online, work remotely or adjust your business strategy, hopefully, it’s also given you a chance to reflect on what has worked well for your company and plan for the better days ahead. 

With an end in sight and some sort of normality coming back soon, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips on reopening your business once lockdown has ended. 

Keep in mind your customers

Whilst you will be keen to get back to the ‘normal’ that we were used to over a year ago, many individuals may be apprehensive, and you must keep that in mind. 

If you own a physical shop for example, don’t neglect your online presence, as this is what you’ve likely been working hard on over the last 12 months. Some people may not be ready to head out straight away, and it may be slow going whilst people adapt to the changes. 

Have COVID-19 practices in place 

Something you may not have considered pre-covid was the various ways you can make your clients or customers’ lives a little easier when they interact with you. Some of these include: 

  • Offering contactless payment options 
  • Making bookings online easy (or click and collect options) 
  • Having dedicated spaces set out to continue social distancing when necessary
  • Provide hand sanitiser at the front door and around your premises
  • Place screens in front of tills 
  • Asking customers and employees to wear masks 
  • More regular cleaning and disinfecting 
  • Limit the number of people who come in at one time (let’s be honest, we’ve all enjoyed the slightly emptier shops!) 

Hopefully, you had these in place during the period you were open last year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to refresh everything again.

Don’t neglect your employees

It’s not just your customers you need to think about when reopening your business after lockdown. Some of your employees may have been remote working for over a year now and whether they’ve loved it or loathed it, they might not be aware of the big changes that have happened.

  • Make sure you make them feel safe in the workplace (such as the use of hand sanitiser, larger spaces between desks and screens) 
  • Consider flexible working hours if possible
  • Stagger the return of your employees 
  • Offer remote working to those that want it 
  • Provide PPE and cleaning equipment
  • Allow extra ventilation (it should be getting warmer soon, so you can swing open those windows) 

Get organised 

Whilst it’s important you have everything ready to re-open, you may find that this brings you extra physical stock that you are struggling to keep tidy and organised. 

Consider hiring a business storage unit whilst you get your ducks in a row… this will allow you to:

Keep on top of paperwork and documents – Hiring a business storage unit is a much safer and secure way of keeping everything organised. 

Store excess stock – With the likelihood of everyone flooding to the shops after the lockdown, you will want to be prepared. Keeping extra stock in a business storage unit allows you to come back and forth when you need it, rather than having to re-order and await lengthy delivery times. 

Be cost effective – Maybe the lockdown has prompted you to solely go online and operate from home and it’s working for you. Well, if that’s the case, save the cost of an office to hold your business equipment and opt for a business storage unit. With various sizes available, it doesn’t need to cost lots of money. 

Plan for the future 

One thing that the last year has taught us all is that we never know what’s around the corner, but if you can have a plan in place for your business’s future you’ll be able to establish some goals. 

Whether this is to expand your physical location, be more savvy online or ramp up your productivity, having a strategy in place is a good place to start. 

Follow Hogleaze Storage for more tips 

We hope that this article on reopening your business after lockdown will help you. We work with many local businesses in and around Dorchester and Weymouth that require business storage for one reason or another. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook for more news, tips, and advice or if you are interested in hiring a business storage unit, get in touch today for a free quote. Call us at Dorchester 01305 889777 or Weymouth on 01305 830000

Redecorate with ease by using a furniture storage unit

With the UK staying in Lockdown 3.0 for a little while longer, you might be thinking about redecorating your home to pass the time. Has spending endless days in your home given you the realisation that it’s probably time for a lick of paint, new carpets or perhaps some bigger renovation jobs? 

Whatever your project, large or small, you need to consider how to protect your belongings against dust, paint and maybe even the builders themselves. Read on for our top tips on how to prepare all your belongings for a furniture storage unit

Pack glassware properly

If you are decorating your kitchen, remember that glassware is easily broken, so safe storage is essential. Moving them to a furniture storage unit, along with other items that may get in the way is best to ensure that they remain in the same condition after the work is complete. The most important rule of storage for these types of items is to do it carefully – these items can be fragile and should be handled and packaged with care.

Do you have a disaster story to share about breakages while decorating or renovating? Maybe you’ve got some additional storage tips? Share them on our Facebook page

Take everything apart

Before moving items from each room, take apart everything you can – this includes desks, bookshelves, wardrobes and more. This extra step will make packing up the removal van and furniture storage unit far easier. It will also reduce the likelihood of breaking or scratching anything in the process, and you’ll find that you have much more room in your unit. 

Top tip – Put all screws, bolts, and other small items in a labelled food bag, and tape to the furniture piece to which it belongs – you’ll thank us later! 

Clean everything thoroughly

The last thing you want to bring into a newly decorated home is dirty / dusty furniture! Protect furniture in storage by ensuring everything is cleaned thoroughly first. 

Some tips for cleaning furniture before putting into storage:

  • With wooden or plastic furniture, use a baby wet wipe to clean visible dust and marks.
  • Clean fabric items like sofas and seat cushions with a mild fabric cleaner. Check that everything is completely dry before you start packing it up and make sure you vacuum the internal parts that gather items like coins, crumbs and wrappers.
  • Polish any metal sections with a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. This step will help delay the build-up of tarnish.
  • Cover larger items with a cloth or old sheet for added protection. 

Make the most of your unit

If you decide to use a local furniture storage unit, make sure you protect your items properly. Don’t drag items across the hard floors as this can wear or damage the item. Don’t pack your shelves too high and avoid leaving breakables on the floor. Use proper storage boxes and mark them well, so you know which box is full of sturdy items and which is full of breakables, e.g. boxes with fragile objects should be clearly marked “fragile”. Also, we recommend that you completely fill boxes that store books, so they don’t crush when stacked.

If you’re short on the packaging supplies needed to move your belongings into storage, then we offer handy supplies at great prices. These are available to purchase at both our Dorset storage sites.

Don’t ever try to store food or perishable items.

It may seem obvious but whether you’re storing furniture long term or just for a few months or weeks, never leave anything perishable in your storage unit that may attract vermin, bugs or mould! 

Consider a furniture storage unit from Hogleaze Storage 

If you’re redecorating your home or having some renovation work done, it makes a lot of sense to put your belongings in furniture self storage.

Our furniture storage units are cost-effective, easily accessible and can cater to your needs, whatever they may be! We don’t have a maximum length of stay, meaning that you can continue storing your possessions for as long as you like and be confident that your belongings are in safe hands. 

Get in contact with our storage experts to book your Dorset storage. Just call our Weymouth facility on 01305 830000 or email Alternatively, you can contact our Dorchester storage team on 01305 889777 or

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks on furniture self storage.

Benefits Of Renting A Student Storage Unit

Starting university can be difficult at any time – meeting new friends, getting to grips with new courses and moving away from home. The stress of starting university has been heightened over the past year due to the pandemic, which has brought additional challenges and disruption for students up and down the country. This has, in some cases, meant more upheaval than expected.

One of the biggest issues that students face is what to do with their belongings when moving to and from university, whether that’s between student house moves or during the long holidays.  University is meant to be fun and exciting so this is let us help you organise student storage to alleviate any unnecessary stress! 

Reasons To Use Student Storage 

As a student storage company, the team at Hogleaze Storage have outlined some of the many benefits of storage for students, including:

  • Travel lighter – Put your items into student storage before you travel home for the holidays so you don’t need to transport all your belongings back and forth. No one needs to cart a toaster up and down the country!
  • Save time – You won’t have to pack and unpack multiple times. Renting a student storage unit means that you’ll only have to pack and unpack once. 
  • Repurpose a bedroom – Once you have left home for university, it may be that your old bedroom could be repurposed and therefore will require your belongings to be stored with a student storage company.
  • Store bulky belongings – Your student room is likely to be smaller than you imagined so you may not have space for any large items you want to have nearby such as sports equipment or extra clothes.
  • Easy access – If you choose a student storage company in a location that is handy for you, you will be able to access your belongings as and when you need them. Whether this is near your university, or close to your home. 
  • Peace of mind your belongings are safe – Instead of leaving your student accommodation with everything in it over the holidays or while you’re on a placement or travelling, you’ll have more peace of mind leaving your belongings in a secure student storage unit, knowing that your belongings will be in the same condition as you left them in. 

How Does Student Storage Work?

Student self storage is an option that many people choose, but if you’re new to self storage, you might need some help understanding how it works.

Step 1: Find the right student storage company

Once you have worked out what you won’t need day to day whilst at university or what you’ll need to store when you’re away from your student accommodation, start looking for a student storage company that is conveniently located as well as being accredited and reputable. You may also want to consider things like “when can I access my belongings?”, “will they be safe and secure?” and “what will it cost?”. 

For the answers to all these questions, please read our storage FAQs

Step 2: Pack your items

Now that you’ve found the right self storage facility, package up your items as safely as you can.  At Hogleaze Storage, we can assist with this by providing all the necessary boxes and packaging materials you may need.

Step 3:  Deliver your belongings

There is a range of ways to access our facilities such as by car or by organising a van and man service (which we can help with!).

Why Choose Hogleaze Student Storage?

At Hogleaze Storage, we understand the nature of student storage so we have ensured that we are as accommodating as possible. We are committed to providing our customers with the very best storage solution and service, which is why we have gained some fantastic reviews to date!

Have a look at some of the very reasons we believe people choose Hogleaze for their student storage needs.

  • Flexible contracts – Long and short term storage contracts available with the option to extend at any time.
  • No deposit required – So you can start storing straight away. 
  • Safe & secure units – Alarmed sites with CCTV for maximum security.
  • Key fob for entry access – Come and go as you please.
  • Storage boxes & packing materials – Our onsite shops can provide everything you need for your storage space.
  • Great location –With easily accessible roads, we are close to many local colleges, universities and schools including: 
    • Bournemouth University
    • Bournemouth and Poole College
    • Weymouth College
    • Kingston Maurward College
    • Yeovil College
    • Also any local boarding schools
  • Range of unit sizes available – You can change the size of the unit if your requirements change.
  • Affordable storage rates – With units starting from just £33.00 + VAT. 

Whether you attend Bournemouth University or you’re down for the holidays, with facilities in Dorchester and Weymouth you’ll be able to choose a location that is convenient for you.

Contact Us Today! 

Hogleaze Storage are a proud member of the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), providing you with safe, flexible and affordable self storage and student storage solutions.
Sound good? Call our Dorchester office on 01305 889777, Weymouth on 01305 830000, or complete our website form for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Dorset storage solutions for after the festive season

At this time of year, we all look forward to a long Christmas break to spend quality time with our friends and family. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want your home clutter-free before you introduce new presents and toys into the house, make space for relatives to stay, or host a party! 

But once the celebrations are over, and you have to take down the Christmas decorations, you might be looking for an affordable storage solution to help get your home sorted… We’ve found that the New Year is a time for fresh starts, so our article not only gives you tips on how to prepare your home for the festive period but how to restore some normality once it’s all over. 

Set a plan and get organised

The best way to get organised before or after the festive period is to start with making a list of the rooms and areas you need to tackle. Plan out when you are going to clear them and think about the logistics of what you’re going to do with all the ‘stuff’ once you’ve got it all out.

We recommend that you create three piles to divide your items into including, ‘bin’, ‘donate’ and ‘keep’:

  • Bin – What will you do with everything that needs to be ‘binned’? You will need to consider whether you’ll need to hire a skip, skip bag or rubbish removal company if there’s too much for you to take to the tip yourself. 
  • Donate – If you’re creating a pile to be donated to charity, you’ll need to check when they’ll be open during the festive period so you can plan when you can drop the items off. You could even consider reselling your unwanted items on GumTree, Depop, eBay or other online stores to help you earn a little extra cash for the New Year. 
  • Keep – For the items in the ‘keep’ pile, decide on what you really need to keep in your house. If you find that there is lots you want to keep but you don’t need access to on a day-to-day basis, a self storage unit might be the perfect option for you. 

Self storage solutions

If you’ve concluded that you really don’t need to keep everything in your home all the time, or simply need to create some temporary extra space, self storage could be an excellent way to keep your belongings safe but out of the way until you need them.  

At Hogleaze Storage we have self storage facilities in both Dorchester and Weymouth for items such as:

  • Christmas decorations and lights
  • Summer clothes / holiday suitcases
  • Garden items including hot tubs, garden furniture, toys etc
  • Boxes you don’t want to throw away
  • Sports equipment including surfboards, windsurfing gear, paddleboards, bikes etc
  • Camping equipment
  • Excess furniture

We even provide boxes, packaging materials and tape etc to help you store your items safely and efficiently! 

Benefits of our Dorset storage facilities

Our Dorchester – Hogleaze Storage and Weymouth – Hogleaze Storage offers you the option for flexible storage solutions, allowing you to book for short and long term, or even extend the length of your term to suit your needs.

We’ll be provided with a unit in a safe and secure facility with features such as number plate recognition, security cameras, alarms and regular staff inspections. Having access to your storage unit is important, so we have ensured this is easy to do with the likes of our key fob entry system and 24/7 access to our Dorchester site

“I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.” 

– Peter Lewis, Self Storage Dorchester 

Book your unit today! 

So there you have it – Your post-Christmas clear up couldn’t be easier with the help of a Dorset storage unit from Hogleaze Storage!  

If you’d like a show round of our self storage units or would like to enquire about our availability over the festive period, please contact our friendly team on 01305 889777 for Dorchester storage or 01305 830000 for Weymouth storage.  

View our Christmas / New Year opening hours here.

Excellent Security and Beautiful Views

I very much appreciate the security (and, by the way, the beautiful

scenery) surrounding Hogleaze.

Claire Gross Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Hogleaze provides excellent facilities and service

We are emailing you to inform you that we have sold our motorhome and will no longer require the pitch. Should we buy another van, we will of course come back if you have availability.

You provide excellent facilities and service.

Ken and Cordie Tett Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

Really impressed with the service & customer-focused attention

I was really impressed with the service and customer-focused attention I received dealing with you both. Prompt replies to my enquiries and professional standards throughout mean that my first thoughts on needing storage will be towards Hogleaze. Also, as I mentioned when meeting you, my work involves motor homes, camper vans and the occasional ‘shed’ and I have and will continue to recommend you. I took several of your cards for this purpose!

Unfortunately, our house move failed as the buyers pulled out on Christmas Eve (nice) so I’ve put my MX5 back in our double garage but I was happy knowing it was safe and snug at yours!

Guy Henville Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Fantastic value, easy and secure.

Fantastic value, easy and secure. Would not hesitate to use again if needed.

Alex Davies Weymouth Self Storage
View More

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years…

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years I have seen great improvements made to the facilities. It is a really good storage area offering very secure facilities for whatever your storage needs.
Jan Hankin Dorchester Self Storage
View More

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage.

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage. Friendly, accommodating and efficient. Easy access and secure. Everything you need. Thank you.

Richard Allen Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. 

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. Clean, bright and modern storage with easy access at any time. Trolleys provided for moving your items. Very reasonable costs.
Bronwen James Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Found the facility to be safe and secure

I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.
Peter Lewis Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Having never used self storage before your help was much appreciated. I would certainly use your facility again when there is a need. I would also recommend your company to others.

Bob Malone Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Excellent facilities.

Excellent facilities. Gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Peter Bachrach Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Very secure.

We used Hogleaze Storage for nearly 1 year excellent faculties and all storage units very secure and high standard. Staff always friendly and happy to help. Would highly recommend them!

Claire Beaumont Self Storage
View More

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage.

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage. Really good rates, clean and light building with easy access. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks Hogleaze Storage!

‎Rob Hodgkinson‎ Self Storage
View More

I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have.

It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the Caravan in to secure storage. I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have. I received your welcome letter yesterday and have set up the standing order for the 1st July and then to continue at the begin of each month thereafter.

Thank you once again.

Kirston Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage to anyone thinking of storing their possessions

It has been a most enjoyable experience entrusting Hogleaze Storage Ltd with my furniture, household and personal possessions, since August 2012.

It was good to meet Shelley, her helpful and friendly demeanor, nothing was too much – she even brought along bolt cutters in case I could not open the padlock on the shutter doors. She was happy to show Gentleman Removals and myself the way.

The service has been excellent throughout the seven years, with up-to-date monthly invoices and security information – thoughtful and caring – all my possessions including the ones I did not know I had stored in the unit, were intact and working.

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage Ltd to anyone thinking of storing their household, office and personal possessions, whether short or long-term. The location is worth a visit on its own, the site is safe and secure, clean and accessible 24/7.

Simon Dorchester Self Storage
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The storage facilities are amazing!

Mr Evans caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

Using Hogleaze again

We are very pleased with the service and will be using Hogleaze again at some point!

Mr Stein Self Storage
View More


I have been delighted with the facilities provided and I’m sure I’ll be using Hogleaze again!

Mr Walsh Self Storage
View More

Excellent storage facilities

Hogleaze has excellent storage facilities which are also impressive both from a security and cleanliness point of view

Ms Maskall caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

A great experience

I have had a great experience with Hogleaze’s storage services and would recommend to anyone

Mr Huxford Self Storage
View More

A pleasure

It’s been a pleasure using your great facilities

Mr Beaumont Self Storage
View More

Recommended secure storage

I would recommend you to any people looking for secure strorage

Mr Graff Self Storage
View More

Thank you

I would like to thank you for the good service we have received whilst storing our caravan with you

Mr Bosley caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

Enjoyed the services

We have enjoyed the services at your storage facility and will hopefully be returning to you again in the future

Mr and Mrs Marsden Self Storage
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