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Student Self-Storage: How To Organise Your Belongings

Are you a student wondering where to store your belongings over the summer? At Hogleaze Storage, we provide two secure locations in Weymouth and Dorchester where you can safely keep your belongings over the summer months. Student storage units are also ideal when spending a year out, allowing you to retrieve your belongings at the end of your travels. Reduce the hassle of shipping or transporting your belongings home with the support of student self-storage.

But how do you organise your belongings before using your student storage unit? This article will give you advice on preparing your belongings for storage.

Is There Anything That Cannot Go Into Student Self-Storage?

There are very few items that Hogleaze Storage cannot store for you:

  • Illegal items – prohibited drugs, weapons, or self-defence sprays cannot be stored in your student storage unit.
  • Foods and perishable items – foods and perishable items will deteriorate and may damage other items in your storage unit. We are unable to freeze or refrigerate perishable goods.
  • Flammable items or items that emit fumes or odours – oil, paints, gases or fireworks should not be stored in student self-storage.
  • Irreplaceable items – students should not store sentimental or financial items like currency, jewellery, art, or deeds.

What Items Can I Store In A Student Storage Unit?

Students can store anything not in the above list. Common storage items include:

  • Furniture, electronics and appliances – any tables, shelves, desks, electronics, or kitchen appliances.
  • Textbooks or equipment – any materials you don’t need over the summer can go into a Hogleaze student self-storage unit, be that a biology textbook or large sports equipment.
  • Clothing – maximise your limited wardrobe space by organising clothes seasonally. Store the season you won’t be wearing with us, then swap them out accordingly!

How Should I Organise My Self-Storage Unit?

You can take a few steps to make your self-storage unit easier to navigate and unpack. Consider these simple steps to arrange your belongings.

List and mark up your items.

List everything you will put in your self-storage unit. Ensure everything is boxed up and marked correctly so you know what is in each box.

Store fragile items in secure boxes.

Pack up fragile items in bubble wrap and secure plastic boxes. Cardboard boxes are more susceptible to damage than plastic, so added strength can help to protect crockery or electronics from damage.

Clean before packing

Items like clothes or bedding will last longer if washed and cleaned before being packed away.

Heavy items go first.

Put your heavier items, like larger textbooks or electronics, at the bottom of each box. Lighter items go on top to avoid being damaged.

Most used items go last.

Put the items you use the most at the top of the pile or closest to the door of your student self-storage unit. This will make them easiest to grab or unpack.

Do you really need it?

Consider as you pack something up whether you really need it. Do you really need that Halloween outfit from the first year?

Take apart larger items.

Take apart larger items like bookshelves or desks to make them easier to transport. If it isn’t possible, our storage units can easily fit in all student furniture.

Pack heavier items by the door.

Heavier boxes or furniture may be more difficult to transport and are often the first items to go into a vehicle. Put them near the front of your storage unit for easier transportation.

How Can Hogleaze Storage Help With Your Student Storage Unit?

At Hogleaze Storage, we offer flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions for your belongings. We have units from 16 to 150 square feet on flexible short and long-term leases. From as little as £44 a month, you can safely store your items with us. Whether you’re coming back in a month or a year, we simply give you your storage key fob and allow you to drop off, and pick up, your belongings as you need.

Save yourself the stress and purchase our packing materials and boxes for your convenience, so you can simply pack and drop off your items. All of our units are secure, and CCTV monitored, so you can feel confident that your items are secure as you embark on your travels or trip home.

Hogleaze Storage is on hand to help you book a student storage unit. Contact us today to find out more about our flexible student self-storage options.

Top tips for packing your self storage unit

Hiring a self storage unit in Dorset can be a great way to declutter and create a little bit of extra room when you need it. So whether you are having a clear out of your house, clearing out an office, moving house or renovating, self storage is often a useful solution.

But it can be all too easy to just chuck your belongings into the storage unit without too much thought. Right now your mind is on getting the space you need. We get that, but when it comes to finding something you need, or removing your belongings from the storage unit, you might kick yourself that you didn’t put more thought behind how it was all packed in the first place.

If you take a few minutes now to think about packing your self storage unit in an ordered manner, not only will you be able to find and move things easier, but you will also be able to fit more in, so you can make the most of your money and your time.

We have gathered a few tips and tricks to help you pack your storage unit in Dorset in an organised way.

Prepare your belongings

The first step to packing a self storage unit efficiently is to pack up your belongings in the right way. This can make a big difference when it comes to putting everything into a self storage unit. Packing up belongings can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when all you can think about is being efficient. So, here are a few tips to help you with this step.

Gather packing supplies before starting

There is nothing worse than making a really good start at packing only for your flow to get stopped halfway through because you don’t have enough boxes, or tape.

Make sure you have everything you need before you start the process so that you can just get on with it when you’re ready.

You will need the following:

  • Boxes
  • Tape (if you are filling lots of boxes, you might also want a tape gun)
  • Bubble wrap or something to pad boxes with fragile belongings.
  • Marker pen

While you are on the hunt for all of these supplies, you should also find a padlock (and the key) so that you can lock your self storage unit up. At Hogleaze, we don’t provide padlocks when you hire one of our units, but we have them for sale or you can use one you already have. So make sure you have one ready before moving belongings into your unit.

If you are looking for packing supplies, we offer handy supplies at great prices, available to be purchased at our self storage facility in Weymouth and our self storage units in Dorchester.

Choose the right boxes

Good quality boxes will make packing your belongings and your storage unit easier. If you are going to be using second-hand boxes, then take a minute to check the boxes aren’t damaged, don’t have damp patches or are missing flaps as this can make boxes weaker and can potentially cause damage to your belongings.

If you can, use the same sized boxes, as this will make it easier when it comes to stacking them.

Packing your boxes sensibly

If you are used to packing boxes, then you will know what this means. And even to those who aren’t pro box packers, this might seem obvious… but make sure you pack heavier items at the bottom of the boxes. Put smaller and lighter items at the top. This will help to avoid any damage and will allow for better stability when stacking them. Also ensure to completely fill the boxes or they will crush when stacked.

Don’t forget that you will need to lift the boxes, so it might be a good idea to spread out the heavy things, such as books, across a few different boxes.

Handy tip: if you are storing clothes, then you can use things like tops, and jumpers as extra padding in the boxes.

Categorise belongings before packing them

Don’t just start randomly chucking things into boxes. As easy as this seems, it will turn into complete chaos quickly. Organising items into categories now will save you time later.

The best way we find to do this, is to separate your items by their location and then group similar items together.

Labelling is key

As you pack your boxes, make a list of where everything is going. Then once a box is filled, label the box so that you know what is in it, and where it has come from. This will save you so much time and stress when you are looking for something or are unpacking your self storage unit. When packing your unit, you will need to make sure the labels are still visible when the boxes are stacked.

It is always a good idea to label any boxes that have anything fragile in them. As time goes on, you are likely to forget where you put your fragile belongings, so this is a good way to warn yourself, and anyone else, that something fragile is in that box that is being moved.

Organising your Dorset self storage unit

Now that all your belongings are packed away safely in an organised manner, it is time to pack your self storage unit.

Make a detailed inventory

Before you even lift a box into the storage unit, we recommend you make a detailed inventory of what is going into the storage unit.

This will help you to know what you have, and where it is.. It can also act as proof should anything happen to your storage unit.

If you want to be super organised, you can draw a layout of your unit, and a basic map to highlight where things are going in the self storage unit. This can help you visualise how to pack the unit, which can help take away stress when stacking all those boxes.

Leave a copy of the map in the storage unit with your belongings so that you don’t have to remember to bring it with you each time you visit.

Pack heavier items first

Similar to when packing boxes, you want to put the heavier things at the bottom. These can create sturdy bases to stack other boxes, and will ensure that lighter and smaller boxes aren’t squashed under the weight.

Place these boxes at the back of the unit, against the wall and then work your way into the unit.

Make use of smaller spaces and the height of the unit

Once larger items are in, stuff the smaller spaces and gaps with smaller items and boxes, where possible. To make best use of the space, make sure that items and boxes are packed in tightly.

Where possible, also make sure that you are getting the most out of the height of your storage unit. If you’re storing a sofa, wardrobe or large boxes, store them vertically to make sure the bulkier items are making the most of the space.

Keep frequently needed items at the front

If there is something that you will need to access fairly frequently, such as some sports equipment, then make sure it is at the front of the self storage unit. You don’t want to have to root around all the boxes to find it every time you need it.

If you have drawn a map, you can mark on it where these items are, so that you can put your hands on them as soon as you get to your unit.

Keep an aisle open for easy access

Make your life easier now rather than have to forge a path through your belongings in the future. Stack boxes in a way that allows you to leave little walkways between the boxes. The easier movement is around the unit, the easier it will be to find things when you need them as you won’t need to unpack the unit each time you need to find something

Interested in using our self storage in Dorset?

Congratulations… you are now an expert packer!

If you need help in deciding what size unit you require, firstly establish whether you will require access to the stored goods while in storage, then call us and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

If you are in need of a self storage unit in Dorset, we have a number of units available to hire at our self storage facilities in Weymouth and Dorchester.

For safe, flexible storage give us a call on 01305 830000 for self storage in Weymouth, or
for our self storage facility in Dorchester, call us on 01305 889777.

Alternatively, you can complete the form on our contact us page.

Tips for a Christmas clear out

With Christmas, comes more ‘stuff’! And with all the new presents, decorations and kids toys, it can mean your home ends up at bursting point.

Once the festivities are over and you want to put the house back together, this is a great time to have a good clear out and prepare to store all the items you don’t need day to day.

Our guide will help you make a plan for a proper clear out and what to do with your belongings once you’ve been through them all.  A self-storage unit could be the answer to keeping your home clutter free and we’ll give you tips on how best to use it.

Make a plan

Normally when you embark on a mass clear out project, things get worse before they get better. So we suggest you have a bit of a plan in place as to how you’re going to tackle each area so things don’t get too chaotic.

Think about what you want to achieve, for example do you want to clear the spare room so guests can stay, do you need to declutter the kids’ bedrooms of all their old toys to make room for the new ones, or maybe the garage needs a good sort out to fit in the new bikes or to get the car in to avoid it being frosted up each morning.

Get a pad and paper and work out the key jobs and when you plan on doing them – you might want to dedicate a couple of the days between Christmas and new year.

Think about what you’re going to do with the items you either want to bin, send to charity or keep (but don’t need regular access to). If you’re going to bin things, consider where the items will be disposed off eg. the tip (check out the opening times) or you might want to hire a skip or skip bag.

In preparation, we recommend you buy some storage boxes, vacuum pack bags or baskets ready for the clear out.

Room by room

In case you don’t get round to everything you want to do, work on the most important area or room first. That way you will at least feel you’ve achieved the most important objective.

Go in prepared! We suggest you have 3 piles or bags at the ready. Bin, donate and store.

Go through the room in a logical order and if you need approval from anyone on whether to throw or keep items, make sure they’re around to decide, or put them in a different pile.

While you’re having a clear out, take this chance to organise the items that are staying in that room – maybe get a little storage unit for toys in kids rooms, get some under bed drawers for shoes or jumpers, baskets for bedding and towels in the airing cupboard etc.

Clothes storage is always a challenge! We’d recommend only keeping the items you will be wearing for that season in your bedroom. For example, in the autumn, bag up all your summer clothes and consider putting them into storage until you need them again. There’s no point in them taking up valuable space when you won’t need them for 9 months. If you are thinking about doing this, take a read of our last article on how to safely store clothes in a self storage unit.

If you’re looking to put any items in self-storage units, make sure they’re packaged well and that you label any boxes with what’s inside. It’s also worth taking an inventory of what you put in storage so you know what’s in there when you go to collect anything.

Hire a skip or skip bag

If you anticipate having a lot of rubbish or big items to dispose of, it might be best to hire a skip. If you want this during the festive period, it’s probably a good idea to book this in advance. Make sure you fill the skip effectively to get maximum use out of it. You might want to consider sharing a skip with your neighbour if they’re planning on a Christmas sort out too!

Get help!

This doesn’t have to be a solo job! We recommend giving everyone in the household their own jobs. Involve the kids in sorting their own toys and belongings out. You could even consider doing a car boot sale in the new year where they could sell their old toys for some pocket money.

Consider self storage

Using a self-storage unit can be the ideal way to keep your home clutter free. There are so many items we have in our homes that we may only need once or twice a year so why have them taking up valuable space? For example, consider using self-storage for things such as Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, seasonal sports equipment such as paddleboards, watersports items or skiing kit.

At Hogleaze storage we offer our customers a choice of sizes of self storage units, depending on how much space you need. All of our storage units in Dorchester can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. We also have self storage in Weymouth for individuals and businesses.

Why choose Hogleaze

At Hogleaze, we fully understand the responsibility we have of looking after your precious belongings. That’s why we have ensured that our self storage units are clean, secure and that we offer some of the most affordable storage solutions in Dorset.

Our security measures include number plate recognition, maximum security cameras, alarms and regular staff inspections.

We offer 24-hour access at our Dorchester site. You will receive a personal key fob that allows you access to your storage at any time.

Offering storage in Weymouth and Dorchester, we are able to provide you with a quote on our units and as we don’t require a deposit, you can start storing today!

To check availability of our self storage units in Dorchester, contact us on 01305 889777, or our self storage units in Weymouth, call 01305 830000.

Alternatively, fill out the form on our contact page and we will get in touch with you.

Tips for storing clothing in our self storage units

It seemed unseasonably warm at the start of November this year, but as we hit the middle of the month the cold weather has set in, and we are all starting to put our woolly hats and jumpers on to wrap up warm.

This change in weather often brings with it a change of wardrobe, with many of us finding space to put our summer clothes away, making room for the winter wear. But why struggle to fit it in any space you can find or go through a harsh clear out? A flexible self storage solution could save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Below are a few of our tips for keeping clothing in self storage units.

Have a clear out

We know it can be hard, but it is always a good idea to have a clear out when looking for more space.

We have a few rules to follow when going through your clothes. 

  1. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, it is likely you won’t wear it again. 
  2. If items of clothing are damaged, get rid of them.

It can be painful, but a good clear out will always feel refreshing. 

While there is an element of needing to be ruthless when having a clear out, don’t forget that self storage units are always an option. Just in case there is an outfit that is just waiting for another event to be used, think of self storage.

Wash the clothes first

Once you have a pile of clothes that you are going to put into a self storage unit, it is advisable that you make sure your clothes are in good, clean condition before going away. You don’t want to put them away for a few months and then get them out to find they are dirty and need a wash. If you run them through the washing machine & tumble dryer, (it’s essential you don’t store wet or damp clothes or accessories) so you won’t have to worry about needing to wash them when you need them, instead you will be able to wear the outfit.

Another reason to wash your clothes before putting them into self storage units is because deodorants and perfumes can stain clothes over an extended period of time.

Repair any damaged clothes that you are keeping

You also don’t want to get to spring and summer and find the clothes you now need are damaged and need repairing. Save yourself the disappointment and repair any damaged items now. Your future self will thank you.

Store any seasonal accessories

If you are the type of person that has accessories to go with each outfit and each season, then we recommend that you also store these in the self-storage unit. These items can be bulky and take up a lot of storage space when they are not in use.

Rather than leaving them lying around for several months not using them, box them up and put them out of the way in a self storage unit.

An added bonus of doing this is that all your seasonal clothes and the accessories that go with them will be together, so you won’t have a panic that you can’t find those specific shoes, scarf or necklace for this outfit when it comes to wearing it all.

Don’t bother ironing

Don’t waste time ironing items of clothing before putting them into a self storage unit. Your items will need to be folded neatly to go in the box, and over time creases will naturally develop. Spend time packing them up correctly now, and then iron it all when you take it out of storage.

Box up delicate clothing

If you are planning on putting clothing into a self storage unit for a longer period of time, we recommend that you box up clothing instead of vacuum-packing them. This way of storing things can have its advantages, but clothing made of wool and silk don’t do well inside them for extended periods of time.

Use good quality boxes for clothing that will be stored longer than a few weeks. If you need to get hold of some boxes, you can purchase them from us at great prices.

Label boxes

To be honest, we think this is something everyone should do, no matter what they are putting into self storage units. This can be especially handy when storing clothes in a self storage unit, as it will allow you to locate types of clothing easily when you need them. This could save you having to go through all of the boxes to find that pile of shorts or skirts that you packed away.

You can create a labelling system that works for you, whether this is naming each box by season, items or even colours.

If you are really organised, you can set up an inventory list of everything you are putting into storage that identifies all the clothing you’ve packed away. That way you can be confident that you haven’t lost them.

Store them in the right environment

Your clothes should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place. This will prevent any damage happening to them while they are in a self storage unit.

We regularly make sure that our units are sealed and dry, so this isn’t something you need to think about when using Hogleaze self storage solutions.

Hogleaze Storage self storage units

If you follow these tips, putting clothes into a self storage unit will be easy and stress-free and you can be confident that when you go to wear them again, they will be clean and in the best possible condition.

Hogleaze Storage is a safe and secure facility, with alarmed buildings and CCTV cameras across both our Dorchester and Weymouth facilities. Plus our staff complete regular walks around the sites to make sure everything is closed and locked up.

In addition to that, our Dorchester self storage units have key fob entry, and you will get your own personal fob on completion of paperwork.

We are proud members of the Self Storage Association, meaning that we adhere to strict operating principles and regulations.

Our contacts are flexible, as we know that you don’t always want to store your belongings for a long period of time.

To enquire about our self storage solutions you can call our Dorchester facility on 01305 889777 and our Weymouth facility on 01305 830000.

Alternatively you can fill out the form on our contact page.

Top tips for caravan and motorhome storage in winter

With temperatures dropping, most of us are packing our caravans and motorhomes away and starting to focus on getting warm and festive. Although you might not be out and about in your caravans and motorhomes now, it doesn’t change the fact that they can be your pride and joy. This means continuing to look after them while in motorhome or caravan storage so that they are ready to use at the first signs of spring.

There are a few important things that need to be done before your campervan or motorhome goes into hibernation for the winter.

In this article, we share 8 tips to keep your beloved motorhome or caravan in tip top shape, while in caravan or motorhome storage.

Drain the water tank

Whether you are using outdoor storage or undercover storage for your motorhome or caravan, it is important that you drain the internal water system before putting it away for winter. This is because if water is left in the tank, it can freeze and expand. The expansion of the ice is what causes the problems, as it can cause cracks in the pipework meaning the water system will leak when you come to fill it up again in the spring. Not ideal!

Empty the fridge

This one may sound obvious, but make sure that you empty any food and drink from the caravan or motorhome. You don’t want to have to deal with the smell of mouldy food when you go on your first exciting adventure next year! And of course you don’t want to risk attracting rodents to your caravan or motorhome while it is in storage.

We suggest that you prop the fridge door open using the latch while it isn’t on, so that it can be aired while not in use.

Turn off your gas taps

This one also feels a little bit obvious, but we think it is still worth mentioning. It can be easy to forget something when there are so many other things to think about while putting your motorhome or caravan into storage for winter.

To do this you will need to turn your on-board gas supply off at the cylinder in the rear gas locker. Run any remaining gas in the system through the grill, hob or oven, but when doing this make sure that you have windows open and leave them open for a little bit to air out the space and dispel the gas.

You might also need to detach all removable gas cylinders, and we recommend that you store that separately to your caravan, especially if you are putting your caravan or motorhome in outdoor or undercover storage. At Hogleaze Storage it is a requirement to remove all gas bottles and store them in our secure gas storage area.

Finally, turn off interior gas taps.

Remove bedding, clothing and soft furnishing

If you leave any clothing or soft furnishings in your caravan or motorhome while it is in storage they can become musty and sometimes a little damp when not moved for a long period of time.

No matter if you are using outdoor storage or indoor storage for your caravan or motorhome, we recommend that you take all clothing and soft furnishings out and air them for a little bit before putting them away for storage, or back in your wardrobe.

Wash it

When the daffodils spring and the sun starts to warm up, you want to be able to just jump in your caravan or motorhome and drive it straight out of storage to your first destination of the year. You don’t want to waste precious ‘adventure time’ cleaning it.

So take some time, before putting it into caravan or motorhome storage, to give it a good clean. Get your bucket and sponge or pressure washer out to clean the paintwork, alloy wheels, and roof. Try to remove as much dirt and road grime as possible as just a little bit of bird poo can cause paintwork damage that you really don’t want.

At Hogleaze Storage, you will have access to a pressure washer with a mounting platform making cleaning your caravan or motorhome easy.

Once the caravan or motorhome is clean, make sure you dry it thoroughly; you will be especially grateful for this if you are putting a cover on while using caravan or motorhome storage.

Which leads us onto our next tip…

Cover your caravan or motorhome

Caravans or motorhomes that are sat for extended periods of time can accumulate dirt and grim, especially if stored in outdoor storage.

If you are able to, it is recommended that you invest in a bespoke vehicle cover as this will fit your caravan or motorhome perfectly and stop leaf debris, dirt and water streaks from forming on your van’s paintwork.

If you have a solar panel, a cover will also protect that from any potential damage that the elements could cause. Although you will need to remember that a cover will mean the solar panel isn’t being charged while in storage. This will also be the case if you are using undercover storage for motorhomes or caravans but then trickle charging should be available.

If you can’t get a cover, then make sure that you have closed all the blinds or curtains to guard the interior from UV rays.

Charge the battery

If not in regular use, you will need to make sure that the leisure and vehicle batteries are being charged.

If you are planning on using caravan or motorhome storage for a long period of time, we suggest that you place the van on charge using the electric hook-up.

Keeping the leisure battery charged this way will also help to pass a trickle charge to the vehicle battery, keeping both healthy and ready to be used when you want to go out.

If you leave your motorhome or caravan for long periods of time, minor draw on the vehicle and leisure batteries can lead to battery sulphation, which in a lot of cases cannot be reversed.

Consider your tyres

When left for large amounts of time, tyres can get flat spots where they have been sitting in the same place for too long.

If you are planning on putting your caravan or motorhome in storage for a long time, then you should shift the position of the vehicle every so often, so that the pressure isn’t on one spot for all that time.

You could also consider getting wheel covers as they will prevent UV and weather damage.

Where to store your caravan or motorhome

At Hogleaze Storage we make caravan and motorhome storage affordable and simple.

Security of your vehicle is our priority, whether in outdoor storage or undercover storage. We have 24/7 security with CCTV cameras in place and automatic number plate registration (ANPR).

With undercover storage you will be given your own fob to open the alarmed roller doors with 24/7 access to your caravan or motorhome.

You will also have access to a pressure washer with mounting platform, so that you can wash your motorhome or caravan, including the roof, before going into storage. We also have a grey/blackwater discharge point and a waste skip, so that you can thoroughly clear out your caravan or motorhome.

Of course getting your caravan ready for winter storage can be a fair amount of work, so we have a drinking water refill point and on-site toilets.

Based just outside of Dorchester, we are perfectly located for caravan storage, with easy access to the world heritage coastline just off the A35 and A37.

If you are interested in our motorhome or caravan storage, get in touch with us by calling 01305 889777 or completing the form on our contact us page.

Tips for protecting and storing your garden furniture over autumn and winter

It is time to face the fact that after a gorgeous summer, we are heading into autumn… fast. So we are guessing that you are starting to think about where you are going to store all of your garden furniture.

The likelihood is that you are also thinking about how to keep your furniture safe and protected over the coming months so that it will all be fresh as a daisy and ready to use next year.

In this article, we have put together a few of our top tips for protecting your garden furniture over autumn and winter.

Storing wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is a good place for lichen and fungal spores to gather over the summer period. So, it is a good idea to give it a good scrub with a stiff brush and hot, soapy water before you put it into any storage.

Make sure that you allow it to dry properly before it goes into your garage, shed or storage unit. If it isn’t dry before you pack it all away, the lack of decent ventilation might cause it to rot or gather mould.

If you are leaving the wooden furniture outside, you should make sure that any legs aren’t on the ground, so that they don’t soak up any moisture from the floor.

If you are struggling to find an appropriate place to store your wooden furniture, why not store it in one of our storage units? Here they will be safe from the outdoor elements, so you don’t have to worry about moisture finding its way to your furniture and rotting it.

Storing plastic furniture

If your plastic furniture isn’t kept dry and somewhere with good air circulation, there is a risk that it will discolour while in storage.

As you should with wooden furniture, make sure you clean the furniture with hot, soapy water. However, with plastic furniture you should use a soft cloth rather than a stiff brush. You will also need to make sure that you dry it thoroughly before you put it into storage.

If you have found a stain that has occurred over summer, you can use neat bleach to get it back to its original whiteness – you may want to try this on a hidden area first though.

When you are putting your plastic furniture in storage you want to be considerate as to where you put it and how you stack it. Sometimes legs can be unsteady and a little flexible so make sure that they are put somewhere where they won’t be knocked constantly.

Storing rattan or wicker furniture

Furniture that is made up of wicker or rattan can be difficult to clean because of the weave. You can remove dust by using your vacuum and then you can use hot, soapy water to give it a good clean. Use a toothbrush to really get into all the nooks and crannies. Alternatively, you can give it a blast with a high pressure washer.

We should probably mention that you want to remove all of the cushions and any blankets before doing all of this!

Wicker garden furniture should always be kept indoors when it isn’t being used. And varnishing it before you put it into storage will prolong its life.

If your furniture is made out of synthetic rattan then it is designed to withstand the winter weather. However, there are a few steps that you should take to prevent it from getting damaged and keeping it in tip top condition.

Cover it with a PVC sheet or get some fitted furniture covers if you are leaving it outdoors during the colder months. If you don’t want to leave your wicker furniture outside but have run out of room in your garage or shed, you can store it at one of our self-storage facilities. We have a range of unit sizes, so finding a unit to fit all of your furniture safely, won’t be a problem.

We also have lifts and trollies at both of our facilities, so getting your garden furniture into your storage unit couldn’t be easier.

Storing iron furniture

Iron is at risk of rust when in storage. So, once you have cleaned the furniture with hot soapy water and a cleaning rag or cloth, it is a good idea that you check for any rust spots that might be beginning to blossom on the furniture. It probably goes without saying, but if you do find any rust, then remove it. You can remove any rust with rust removal products from any DIY shop, or you can try soaking it in white vinegar which can be applied with a soft rag and rub it in with aluminium foil.

Once you have got rid of the rust with the white vinegar, give it another rinse clean and allow it to dry completely before putting it away for the autumn and winter.

General tips for storing garden furniture

Weatherproof storage

If you are keeping your garden furniture in a shed, it is a good idea to check that the roof is waterproof and will keep out any rain, snow and ice that is likely to occur over the winter months. If you find that your roof isn’t weatherproof, you can store your furniture with us at Hogleaze Storage. Our units are completely sealed meaning that your garden furniture will be protected from the elements over the winter months. We also have a range of unit sizes, so that you can hire the perfect unit for what you need to store.

Storing fabrics

If you have fabric cushions to go on your garden furniture, it’s a good idea to store these indoors rather than in an external storage space like a shed. You don’t want mice and other creatures getting too comfy in your nice cushions! If you are storing your garden furniture in a self storage unit, you can store any fabric and cushions with the rest of the furniture. Hogleaze Storage is a secure facility and we make sure there are no animals around our units.

Secure storage

This one might seem a bit obvious but we still want to mention it.

Make sure that your shed or garage is secure. You never know, an opportunist burglar might pass your garage and take a chance. However, they are likely to be put off when they see a lock in place.

If you are unsure about the safety of your shed or garage, it might be an idea to place your garden furniture in a self storage facility. At Hogleaze Storage we have several security features so that you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us. From CCTV cameras around the sites, to alarmed buildings and fob entry, we work hard to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Store with us today

There is a lot of information in this article, so we hope you have found it useful.

If you think storing your garden furniture in a self storage unit might be a good idea this winter, give our Dorchester facility a call on 01305 889777, or contact our Weymouth team on 01305 830000.

Clearing out your storage unit… top tips from Hogleaze Storage

You may have plans to try and clear out your storage space in the New Year to allow extra room for new belongings, or maybe you want to do a stock check of what’s been left in your storage unit, especially if you’ve been renting yours for years. Did you know the longest-standing storer we have at Hogleaze has been here for a total of 15 years?

Whatever your reasons are, it’s important to clear out your storage unit in a methodical way. We’ve seen many people come and go, so here are some of our top tips for clearing out your unit.

Decide on the purpose for your clear-out

  • When deciding to clear out your unit, most of our customers fit into one of these categories:
  • You’re relocating and need a storage unit closer to home
  • You need to fill your unit with different belongings from your home
  • You are downsizing or upsizing your unit
  • You’ve decided to sell some of your belongings within the unit
  • Your unit was only a short term requirement for a house move

It may be a big job, so you need to be ready and set the time aside knowing what your end goal is!

Start with a stock take

Do you even realise what you’ve been hoarding in your storage unit? In some cases, people just keep filling their unit higher and higher until there’s no space left, which can lead to things being forgotten about.

By doing a stocktake of every item, big and small, you can easily refer back to it and remove or sell if needs be.

Prepare the right kit for your clearout

Here are a few items we would suggest you take with you to make your clearout as stress-free and easy as possible:

  • New boxes – you may want to move some possessions into new boxes if they are looking a bit tatty.
  • Labels – did you rush the moving in process and forget to label? We would recommend labelling everything!
  • Pen for writing labels
  • Rubbish bags
  • Scissors and tape
  • Cleaning equipment

Categorise your belongings (and be brutal)

If you have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your unit, we would recommend categorising your belongings, for example:

  • Large goods
  • Small belongings
  • Antiques
  • Items of sentimental value
  • Items of high value etc

Whilst doing your stocktake, you also need to be brutally honest with yourself about what you can keep and what you can chuck in the bin (or you could take some stuff to the charity shop).

Something you may have thought you wanted to keep 5 years ago may not have the same emotional or sentimental value or may have decreased so much in physical value it’s not worth keeping.

Can anything be sold?

There are some great, fairly new apps and selling sites that allow you to sell your second-hand furniture, antiques, electronics or clothing quickly and with little to no selling fees. Simply snap a picture, upload and await the offers to come in! Here are some we would recommend:

  • Facebook Marketplace – this allows you to super easily add products with no fees, it’s best for local sales, but you can offer delivery if you’re happy to do this.
  • Gumtree – a site that’s been around for a while now, but is still a popular option, especially for larger goods such as furniture.
  • eBay – anything and everything can go on here and lets you reach a wide audience from all across the country.
  • Vinted & Depop – these are great apps for those wishing to sell clothing, in particular designer or vintage items.

Make some space

Even if you only have a small unit, it’s good to have a central space in your unit so you are able to see everything in there, that way things don’t just get pushed to the back never to be seen again. Having a little rejig can make this quite a simple job, you could also consider adding shelving into your unit to make everything a bit more accessible.

Bring in the cavalry

If you see this as too big of a job to handle yourself, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family yourself, you could even make a bit of fun out of it and start auctioning off your belongings (or just giving them away if you’re feeling generous).

Contact Hogleaze Storage

Did you know that we also have storage boxes and packaging materials that you can purchase from reception? We can also provide trolleys to make it easier for you to get to and from your vehicle whilst clearing out your unit.

If you need to discuss storage options with us simply give us a call on 01305 889777 for Dorchester or email OR for Weymouth 01305 830000 or email

Local companies that use our business storage units in Dorset

Self storage isn’t just for those moving home or who have hoarded a few too many personal belongings, it’s also the ideal solution for many businesses. 

At Hogleaze Storage, we’ve found business self storage units to be a very popular option with local companies, and have seen this side of our business grow rapidly over the last few years. Read on to see the types of businesses we work with, and the advantages of business storage solutions.

Firstly, why would a business need self storage?

There are many reasons that local companies cross the Hogleaze Storage entrance gates, just a few of which include:

  • Allowing for more space in their office / business premises
  • Storing business furniture or stock during a renovation or move
  • Holding seasonal stock
  • Storing documents that need to be kept, but aren’t needed day-to-day

Do you think that business self storage could be useful for your organisation? Why not contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a wide range of storage unit sizes and flexible hire periods to suit most business needs.

Who is business self storage suited for?

The answer is… Almost any business! However here are just a few examples of our past and present business self storage clients:


The hospitality industry is extremely fast-paced, so the last thing a restaurant owner needs is to be tripping over excess stock or furniture. Here’s where business storage becomes worth its weight in gold.  A few reasons restaurants choose to store with us include:

  • Storing extra tables and chairs (particularly when social distancing needed to be implemented between tables). 
  • Not yet having a business premises firmed up so needing to store all the essentials somewhere safe.
  • Storing long-life food in a clean/ dry premise. 
  • Even wine storage!


Office moves and renovations mean that all of a sudden you have a lot of furniture with nowhere to call home. A business storage unit offers you a short or long term solution. 

We also find document storage very popular, especially in the case of certain data that needs to be kept for a number of years but that doesn’t need to take up important space in your office. Storing in a purpose-built facility such as Hogleaze Storage also ensures that these documents are protected from the elements, with all of our units being kept clean and secure. 

Local retailers

Whatever a shop sells, there’s going to be a likelihood of needing extra space for stock. This might be because certain items are seasonal (such as summer garden furniture or Christmas items), or simply because you’d prefer to never be caught short of stock. 

Examples of retailers that could benefit from a business storage unit include:

  • Sports equipment stores – our units are ideal for kayaks, paddleboards and surfboards.
  • Hardware stores – think bulky building equipment, DIY tools, aggregates and more.
  • Furniture stores – many of our units can hold houses-worth of belongings, so tables, beds, drawers and more will easily fit.

Contact our business storage experts

Think that you could benefit from business stock storage? Get in touch today for a no obligation quote. We have various sized business storage units in our Weymouth self storage and Dorchester self storage facilities.

As well as some of the advantages mentioned above, by choosing Hogleaze Storage you also benefit from:

  • Easy access to your unit with convenient opening hours 
  • Secure premises
  • Your own personal key fob (Dorchester only)
  • CCTV monitoring and licence plate recognition technology for added security
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to trolleys, lifts and even boxes and packing materials.

If the above sounds good, please feel free to call us at Dorchester on 01305 889777 and at Weymouth on 01305 830000.

Packing away your summer belongings… what type of storage you may need

The summer of 2021 came around and went pretty fast (despite the majority of us staying put in the UK since the beginning of 2020!). After speaking with many of our customers, it sounds like we all managed to make the most of it and enjoy what the Great British weather had in store for us. 

So now summer is over for another year, we thought we would take a look into what people are storing with us, and what type of storage solution we would recommend. 

Watersports equipment 

Paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, oars, wetsuits and everything else that you have to trawl down to the beach or harbour every time… Being this active is exhausting, right? 

And now you have to find a home for all of it until next May time when it all starts again.  

Our medium-sized storage units are plenty big enough to hold a range of different watersports equipment and are available at both our storage site locations. Looking for storage for sports equipment? Get in touch today.

Caravans and motorhomes

Unless you’re a hardcore motorhome/caravan enthusiast, chances are your pride and joy sits at home on your drive for a lot of the year and just makes its appearance during sunny weekends away throughout summer. 

Whilst motorhomes are definitely not an eyesore, they are big, and that driveway space is precious nowadays. Plus, you don’t want to be leaving it out on the road if you can avoid it! 

When storing your motorhome or caravan with Hogleaze Storage, you will have peace of mind that it will be in safe hands. We have indoor and outdoor plots at our Dorchester site, all of which are approximately 3 metres wide and 8 metres long. 

Glamping and camping ‘stuff’

If you’re an avid camper you’ll know how much stuff you really need to take. Even if it’s just a long weekend trip, it can look like you packed for a 2 week holiday abroad. There’s tents, camping chairs, portable stove, battery packs, blankets, heaters, board games, air beds and sleeping bags (just to name a few things).

As well as saving space at home, keeping these belongings in a storage unit over winter can ensure that all this stuff doesn’t get damp or bitten away by mice in your garage. One of our smaller storage units up to 50 Sq Ft is a great alternative. You won’t have that last-minute fear that you’ll put your tent up with a huge hole right in the middle! 

Outdoor furniture & BBQs

Not enough garage space? Outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs, sun loungers, other patio furniture, BBQs (or maybe that pizza oven you didn’t get much use out of) can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Quite frankly you will have probably only used it for about 2 or 3 months of the year. No fear, a storage option is here! 

Our medium storage units are around the size of a single garage (75 – 100 Sq Ft) and are a good size for a typical two-bedroom home.

Your summer wardrobe 

Are you one of those people that has a (slightly unhealthy) obsession with your wardrobe, but don’t have the space for your seasonal items to be hanging around? A smaller storage unit could be the answer. 

Storing your clothes in a garage or similar can lead to them becoming damp and subsequently ruined, so a storage unit is a great option. 

Our storage units start from 25 Sq Ft which coincidently is the perfect size for a small walk-in wardrobe. 

Ready to sign on the dotted line?

Whether you are looking for a small 25 Sq Ft unit or the biggest we have at 150 Sq Ft, we are sure to find the perfect solution for your summer belongings. 

We have storage sites at both Dorchester and Weymouth in Dorset. We always try to accommodate people, but if we don’t have availability you can always join our waiting list and we will be in touch with you. 

For Weymouth self storage call our Weymouth branch on 01305 830000, and for Dorchester self storage call us on 01305 889777. If you are looking for vehicle storage, please call our Dorchester branch on 01305 889777

Don’t forget, no deposit is required, so start storing today!

The telltale signs that you need a storage unit… ASAP!

Unsure if you need a storage unit in your life, keep putting it off, or don’t think it’s quite ‘necessary’ (trust us, if you’re reading this article, you probably already know you need one). If you need some convincing that a storage unit is the right solution for you, have a read of this article and see if you fit into any of these categories. 

Your garage is bursting at the seams 

Gone are the days when garages are actually used to store your car. In most cases they are now the home of garden tools, outside furniture, your tumble dryer, old paint pots (that you feel totally acquired to keep just in case one day you feel the need to ‘touch up the hallway’), mountains of bikes, kid’s toys, sports equipment and more. 

Whether your garage has some kind of order, or it’s a complete jumble sale, could some of these items be better placed in a storage unit to come back to in the future? 

Your spare room has turned into a dumping ground 

You started with great intentions for your spare room, you’d have a constant stream of visitors staying over, and always keep it tidy and up together (much like a hotel room, with choccys on the pillows). Then one day you cleared out your wardrobe and chucked your unwanted clothes in there, then you bought a new sofa and the old one ended up in the spare room of doom too… a year later it’s full to the brim and uncontrollable. We know the feeling, but you can get back from this! 

You have a big life milestone coming up 

Moving house, starting university, having a baby – these are all occasions that are going to cause a lot of ‘stuff’ to build up in your home, before it gets out of control… store it! 

Whether you are making room for your new arrival and need that extra double bed to be out of sight, out of mind, or you’re downsizing and not sure what you want to keep just yet, this all calls for a flexible storage solution.   

You have plans for redecorating or renovation

Making changes to your home can be a little stressful at the best of times, with tradesmen in and out, dust sheets covering your home and paint brushes filling up the sink, it’s always a little easier to start with a clean slate. 

By putting your large furniture pieces into storage, such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, and TV’s, you’re avoiding breakages and making more space for the renovations to take place.  

Your driveway is looking a bit like a game of Tetris 

You may be surprised to hear that the average number of cars per household in the UK in 2021 is 1.2, and with more houses being built, and less having those huge driveways, off road car parking is looking pretty sparse.  

So, if you’re a bit of a car fanatic, or have recently purchased a caravan or motorhome, you may find it difficult to keep those vehicles parked. Plus, if they’re your pride and joy, you want to keep them scuff and bump free! 

Car storage and caravan/motorhome storage is becoming increasingly popular. With wide bays, inside and outside options, your vehicles will be in safe hands. 

Your business is rapidly expanding

With the end of this pandemic in sight, there has been a huge change for all industries in terms of the way business works, and for many, it’s now just starting to pick up. 

Whether it’s storage for physical stock or you’re looking for document storage, business storage units can free up some space and allow you to look at the bigger picture. Smashing your business goals on the way! 

Did you fit into any of these categories?

If any of this sounds a bit familiar, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to the best of us. But what you must know is that self storage can and will help you! 

Whether it’s long term or short term, large or small, a clearer home or business is a clearer mind. 

Learn more about our self storage and vehicle storage and get in contact with us for a quote. We get very full (despite having over 400 units) so if you are thinking ahead, you can always book in advance. 

Call us at Dorchester on 01305 889777 or Weymouth on 01305 830000, alternatively, send us an email on

Excellent Security and Beautiful Views

I very much appreciate the security (and, by the way, the beautiful

scenery) surrounding Hogleaze.

Claire Gross Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Hogleaze provides excellent facilities and service

We are emailing you to inform you that we have sold our motorhome and will no longer require the pitch. Should we buy another van, we will of course come back if you have availability.

You provide excellent facilities and service.

Ken and Cordie Tett Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

Really impressed with the service & customer-focused attention

I was really impressed with the service and customer-focused attention I received dealing with you both. Prompt replies to my enquiries and professional standards throughout mean that my first thoughts on needing storage will be towards Hogleaze. Also, as I mentioned when meeting you, my work involves motor homes, camper vans and the occasional ‘shed’ and I have and will continue to recommend you. I took several of your cards for this purpose!

Unfortunately, our house move failed as the buyers pulled out on Christmas Eve (nice) so I’ve put my MX5 back in our double garage but I was happy knowing it was safe and snug at yours!

Guy Henville Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Fantastic value, easy and secure.

Fantastic value, easy and secure. Would not hesitate to use again if needed.

Alex Davies Weymouth Self Storage
View More

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years…

Having stored motorhomes at Hogleaze over a number of years I have seen great improvements made to the facilities. It is a really good storage area offering very secure facilities for whatever your storage needs.
Jan Hankin Dorchester Self Storage
View More

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage.

My second time of using Hogleaze for storage. Friendly, accommodating and efficient. Easy access and secure. Everything you need. Thank you.

Richard Allen Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. 

Very pleased with Hogleaze Storage. Clean, bright and modern storage with easy access at any time. Trolleys provided for moving your items. Very reasonable costs.
Bronwen James Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Found the facility to be safe and secure

I used Hogleaze Storage for many years and found the facility to be safe and secure. My belongings stayed dry; the ambient temperature seemed just right and there was no dampness. Wooden furniture; cardboard boxes and books all survived intact. The staff are also helpful and friendly. I recommend this facility.
Peter Lewis Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Thank you for your excellent service as I made use of your storage unit 215.

Having never used self storage before your help was much appreciated. I would certainly use your facility again when there is a need. I would also recommend your company to others.

Bob Malone Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Excellent facilities.

Excellent facilities. Gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Peter Bachrach Dorchester Self Storage
View More

Very secure.

We used Hogleaze Storage for nearly 1 year excellent faculties and all storage units very secure and high standard. Staff always friendly and happy to help. Would highly recommend them!

Claire Beaumont Self Storage
View More

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage.

Absolutely brilliant service from Hogleaze Storage. Really good rates, clean and light building with easy access. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks Hogleaze Storage!

‎Rob Hodgkinson‎ Self Storage
View More

I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have.

It was lovely to meet you last Friday and finally get the Caravan in to secure storage. I really like the facility and I am very impressed with the setup you have. I received your welcome letter yesterday and have set up the standing order for the 1st July and then to continue at the begin of each month thereafter.

Thank you once again.

Kirston Dorchester caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage to anyone thinking of storing their possessions

It has been a most enjoyable experience entrusting Hogleaze Storage Ltd with my furniture, household and personal possessions, since August 2012.

It was good to meet Shelley, her helpful and friendly demeanor, nothing was too much – she even brought along bolt cutters in case I could not open the padlock on the shutter doors. She was happy to show Gentleman Removals and myself the way.

The service has been excellent throughout the seven years, with up-to-date monthly invoices and security information – thoughtful and caring – all my possessions including the ones I did not know I had stored in the unit, were intact and working.

I would recommend Hogleaze Storage Ltd to anyone thinking of storing their household, office and personal possessions, whether short or long-term. The location is worth a visit on its own, the site is safe and secure, clean and accessible 24/7.

Simon Dorchester Self Storage
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The storage facilities are amazing!

Mr Evans caravan Vehicle Storage
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Using Hogleaze again

We are very pleased with the service and will be using Hogleaze again at some point!

Mr Stein Self Storage
View More


I have been delighted with the facilities provided and I’m sure I’ll be using Hogleaze again!

Mr Walsh Self Storage
View More

Excellent storage facilities

Hogleaze has excellent storage facilities which are also impressive both from a security and cleanliness point of view

Ms Maskall caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

A great experience

I have had a great experience with Hogleaze’s storage services and would recommend to anyone

Mr Huxford Self Storage
View More

A pleasure

It’s been a pleasure using your great facilities

Mr Beaumont Self Storage
View More

Recommended secure storage

I would recommend you to any people looking for secure strorage

Mr Graff Self Storage
View More

Thank you

I would like to thank you for the good service we have received whilst storing our caravan with you

Mr Bosley caravan Vehicle Storage
View More

Enjoyed the services

We have enjoyed the services at your storage facility and will hopefully be returning to you again in the future

Mr and Mrs Marsden Self Storage
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